NRGBinary Review – Is NRGBinary Legit?

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The company provides support to the subscribers 24/7 , each account type is assigned an analyst to help the subscribers make their decision and trade the best affairs , the mobile application is a handy tools that allows the connectivity to the binary options anywhere

What We Disliked:

The withdrawals process seems to take longer than stated.

The NRGBinary review shows a company that has so many features to offers to its subscribers. As Binary Options trade operator, this broker managed to conquer the marketplace of binary options with innovative platforms and facilities. The Option Building and the Islamic account are the most genially structured platforms. The introduction of mobile applications in the trade system is the smarter marketing strategy and a good technological support. But the delayed answers to withdrawal requests and refunds requests made great number of the subscribers unhappy and the number of complaints is growing day by day. It seems like many traders are moving to Titantrade.

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NRGBinary Review – Is NRGBinary Legit?

nrg is the online platform of the NRGBinary Company. It operates as Broker within the marketplace of Binary Options traders. Often contested for its legal status and the effectiveness of its services, The Company has to prove itself among all the brokers. The increasing number of the Binary options traders worldwide; each company needs to build solid reputation and has to offer credible services, real profits. This NRGBinary review is a contribution to the multiple reviews that would bring help to extra income seekers to opt for the Binary options trade using the NRGBinary platforms.

NRGBinary is defined as broker, a company operating in the investment field as Fund Manager

Due to the particular characteristics of the Binary Options trade system, the company might have adapted some technicalities and added some features to excel the competitors. Through this NRGB review, almost all the aspect of the trade policy proposed will be tested and commented. In fact it is not the only NRG Binary review that you may come across when you need to learn about the company activities, but it is intended to be one more review to consider before make the decision of trading with this company.warning-CySEC-nrg-binary


What is NRGBinary?

NRGBinary is defined as broker, a company operating in the investment field as Fund Manager. It operates in the Binary Options trade system, which basically defined as:

The trade operation when you have to choose assets to trade in within an expiry time set in advance. You have to guess if the asset will increase or decrease in value at the expiry time.

At the time you begin the trade, you have to deposit an amount of money equal to the asset current asset value. In the general definition, if you guessed right, you receive a sum equal of the initial value of the assets plus the payout, which is an amount, calculated according a fixed rate upon the sum you traded in the first place on the chosen asset. If you guessed wrong, then you don’t receive anything. The rate of the trading operation is shown between two button displayed within the trading platform: The button “Call”, is to use when you think that the asset’s value will increase, and the button “Put”, to hit when you think that the asset’s value will go down. By definition, the rate of the payout is continuously updating and you can follow its evolution along the trade operation.

NRGBinary review shows a very attractive online interface with good design. It is the online alias for the MHGG Tech Company. It is an online based broker. You don’t have to download and install any application to connect to the company site. There is a subscription form where you have to enter some date to get an account with this trader: you are asked to type your Names, your country and your phone number. NRG Binary review shows that the services offered by this broker are available worldwide and are provided in 9 languages: English, French, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, German, Russian, Portuguese and Turkish. This makes the NRGBinary options conquer more marketplaces in the world. NRG reviews show that the company offers an easy to use interface where you can find links to the account types and the Binary options trading plans. At the top you can the default Binary options assets to available for trading with their current state: the currency assets are gathered by competitive pairs within a scrolling bar news provided by REUTERS. The company has proof of complete transparence because it lists the physical address, the phone numbers to call and the banking accounts it holds.

nrgbinary (2)How NRGBinary options works? Before you get to trade, you should have an account. You can choose among the account types listed by the company. Create your account by typing in the form the requested data, and then you hit the button crate account. After making the minimum deposit required, you will have access to the list of assets according to your account type. Then you submit the price of the trade; you have to predict if the asset value will rise, then you chose « Call », or will go down and in this case chose « Put ». After doing so you have to wait until the expiry time of the trade. If your prevision is right, you get the profits of the trade. Otherwise The review of this particular platform do not indicate the outcome of wrong prevision with precision, it only say that the profits are received when you guess right, but it doesn’t mention if you are exposed to lose the money you traded within the traded asset.

NRGBinary Deposit process: To create an account, you have to deposit a minimum amount according to the policy of the account you want to trade in. You can use Credit/Debit Cards to deposit money. There are selective alternative ways, the Electrical wallet : they are available by country and by region. Wire transfer is also available. If none of these multiple transaction methods is suitable for your situation, you may get in touch with the account manager to ask for help and support.

NRGBinary Withdrawal process:  The Company is really tight regarding the safety of the withdrawal’s safety and verification. Once you subscribe for an account, you will be asked to furnish some scanned images of official papers to confirm your identity, your address, bank account, credit/debit card and some others intimae data. That ensures that no one but you will request and  receive What is NRGBinary?withdrawals. The company policy regarding this process is very secure and preserves the safety of the personal data you provide as response to the account creation conditions and regarding the Anti Money Laundering laws. Mainly, you can receive withdrawals on your credit card or by wire transfer; the money withdrawn on the credit card can’t be more than the initial amount deposited using the same credit card. The profits withdrawals are done through wire transfer and only when they exceed $100. They do not hold any charge for the wire transfer since this one might pass through several banking services.  Generally, withdrawals are processed according the account type, but no more than 7 business days to the money to reach the bank account of the demander.

Help and Support: The company provides you with video tutorials and training eBook  on how to trade with NRGBianary Options, which strategy would be the most profitable for you. The support is provided according the account type you subscribe for. The whole set is called Trading Academy. The NRG binary option reviews state that the support team is responsive 24/7 regarding all the account types. Concerning the trading support, there are some limitations to the Mini account, which doesn’t allow direct access to the account manager live chat and email, no live signals no session with the analyst. The subscribers to this account plan are not eligible to set up the trading mobile application.

Account types:

Account typesNRGBinary reviews indicate that you need to subscribe for an account to get access to the multiple Binary platforms to trade in. there more than one account type and you can choose among them the one that suits you the most. The account types differ mainly by the minimum deposit acceptable, the withdrawal time process, the accessible number of assets to trade in, the welcome bonus. There are some others differences but these are the most important for the users for better choice.

The Mini account: The mini account of the NRGBinary Options offers you limited assets list, limited daily updates of the financial market, limited access to the account manager support and limited live signals. When you subscribe for a Mini account, you won’t be able to operate according the one-on-one trading session; there will be only one trading session each time. The payout are at too limited rates. There is no intro call from the account manager, and no session is available with a professional analyst to help trade. The trading Application will not be available to you as well, while it can provide you with valuable information about the market of trade you are within its boundaries. This account is created with the minimum deposit of $350 and no more than $5000. The withdrawal process lasts 7 business days.

The Standard account: This NRGBinary options account shares with the Mini account the limited access to the account manager via email and live chat, the limited payout rate and the withdrawal processing period. The session with analyst is only available but still in trial phase. The live signal is available through Mobile Application. The Standard account introduces the full assets list, the unlimited daily updates of the financial market. The trading Application and the direct access to account manager through email and live chat. To subscribe for this account, you need to deposit an amount between $5001 and $35000. The welcome bonus is about 50 % of the initial deposit.

The Standard accountThe Deluxe account: The Deluxe account, as advanced NRG Binary options account, is worth the $350001 as minimum deposit. It offers a welcome bonus up to 75 % of the initial deposit and gives unlimited access to all the features listed. Although, it still share some restraining characteristics: it doesn’t offer high rates of payout and it has a limited access to session with analyst. The payout request is processed within the same week,

The Platinium account: the ultimo account on the list, it gives a full unlimited access to all features, with weekly session with analyst, high payout rates, and an immediate withdrawal processing. For this limitless account, you have to dispose of $50000 and more to deposit by the account creation. The welcome bonus is at a custom rate that would fit the position you are in.

The Islamic account: NRGBinary propose a particular account called Islamic trading account. It is destined to the users from Islamic countries. This particular account offers is an interest free account. This account has a particular policy which can described as compatible with the Islmaic sharia: No interests or penalties, referred to by « Riba », are imposed to the account no matter the period the account is active. This account gives the possibility of donation called « hibah ». The Islamic account holders are able to joint venture with others traders to distribute gain and losses; islamic laws refer to this situation by « musharaka ». This account type give its holder access to any features he wishes among some others account types : Limited account, standard account, executive account, bronze account, silver account and gold account. When you opt for this Super account, you ensure indemnity from any hidden charges or fees, no matter what currency you used to subscribe.

NRGBinary platforms:

NRG Binary review shows that the company offers several platforms of Binary Options to trade in. There is the Binary options platform, one touch platform, the option builder platform, the 60 seconds platform and the IFollow platform. All the platforms are accessible from any account type you subscribe for, but you are subject to the account restrictions. The several options are classified in platforms, since they do not differ so much from each other, but each is very unique and very profitable as it is.

NRGBinary platforms:Binary options platform: This platform is the classical Binary Options trading way: you pick the asset you want to trade in; you make the money deposit and then predict the evolution of the assets value at its expiry. You will be whether in the money or out of the money. The profits are then obtained or not according your prediction; you’re right you get the money, you’re wrong and you get nothing.. NRGBinary review reveals that the company came up with some innovative add-on to that platform. They added some features to improve the trading experience: with that platform, you can always inspect the rate of your profit, so you know in advance the profits you would receive if you are in the money, this is called “Managed Risk”. This platform helps traders to reduce losses when they have multiple open trades at once. The best feature is that option is available 24/7 for investors and traders to opt in.

One touch platform This platform is available for purchase from every Monday to every Friday. The expiry time is at 5 pm each day, but you can choose the day of expiry. is available Saturday and Sunday with the expiry day set to the next Friday. It gives huge profit opportunity it exhibits proper lucrative interests. The platform is the real “All or nothing” models of Binary Options trade. It is to trade by fixed price of trade, not the current price. You can end over the market or under the market. To end over the market is to have the market price at the expiry time over or equal the price of purchase, then you are « in the money » and you can get the whole payout, which varies from 150 % and can go to 500 %. You won’t receive any payout and you will lose the trade price as well if the market price is under the market; the price is less than the purchase’s price, then you will be « out of the money ». This platform is very particular, because it is about a single expiry time 17h GMT five days by week  from Monday to Friday, or it is at 19:30h GMT every Friday for the purchase done on Saturday and Sunday.  You can opt for this platform all the expiry days. The price is at $50 or €50 the unit. NRG binary review explains that one touch trading platform works with regular trade’s price verification along the days of purchase until it expires with reference to the price calculated and provided by REUTERS.

Option Builder platformOption Builder platform: With this Binary Option platform, NRGBinary make the innovative steps. When you trade within this platform, you build your own options to trade: You can chose all the features that characterize a trade : assets, prices and expiry time and the Risk/Profit ratio. Select your investment amount then chose « Call » or « Put » to start the trade.  This platform is unique and everything is set up by you as trader.

60 seconds platform: It is a trade that you can choose to invest in. You chose the assets, you select the amount of money you want to invest and you predict the asset’s value at the expiry time. This platform has the expiry time set to 60seconds after you hit the button apply to confirm the choice of « Call » or « Put » regarding the asset’s value. After one minute, you are whether in the oney or out of the money; The general rules of the binary options trade are applicable : you can receive the profit from the trade if your guess is right, you can receive nothing from this trade if your guess is wrong. The secret of this NRGBinary option is that you can renew trades every minute with profits up to 70 % in each trade; returns can be as much as 85 % every minute you trade within this platform.

NRGBinary Options Features: NRGBinary options reviews reveal some features offered by the company to its subscribers.

The company offers daily and weekly market reviews to help the traders chose the most profitable assets, prices and make the most probable predictions according the tendencies and the market analysis. The company offers Mobile application that helps to be updated about the trade courses and allows the subscribers to trade from anywhere. The company also offers the subscribers a particular service which allows the traders to follow the most experienced traders within the platforms: by inspecting their activities you can copy their moves and aim to make more profitable trades. Introducing the Islamic accounts, the company has conquered the Islamic world dominated by the charia which impose some restrictions to trading, the money usage and transaction. The option builder platform is the most particular feature that the company has come up with. It is a fully customized trade that the subscribers cans set up and generate huge profits trading in.

How much are the subscribers satisfied with NRGBinary Options?

subscribers satisfied with NRGBinary OptionsNRGBinary Options reviews reveal that subscribers are complaining about delayed answers to withdrawals requests. They are not as mentioned in the accounts’ description. The processing periods are likely to excel the 7 to 10 business days. Complaints about misleads are also registered :  the company is assimilated to a gambling store where the account manager pushes you to invest more money and advising you the wrong assets and providing you with the bad tendencies analysis. – However those kind of complaints can also be made by a competitive which are trying to convince you to join their binary option platform.

No money refunds complaints are also to consider when opting to an account with this company. At the end when we try to answer the question « What is NRGBianry Options? », the answer is likely to be a Broker that offers a place to trade with binary options.


NRGBinary review shows a large list of features offered to subscribers, it has a very tight privacy policy. Four basic accounted are coupled to another particular account, the Islamic account, which is likely to market the NRGBinary company among the muslin traders.

The company provides support to the subscribers 24/7. Each account type is assigned an analyst to help the subscribers make their decision and trade the best affairs.

The mobile application isi a handy tools that allows the connectivity to the binary options anywhere.

subscribers satisfied with NRGBinary Options


The withdrawals process seems to cause conflict with the company. The delays noticed while processing the withdrawal requests is longer than mentioned. The support tends to be less present when the subscribers ask for update about their withdrawal request and refunds requests.


ConclusionThe NRGBinary review shows a company that has so many features to offers to its subscribers. As Binary Options trade operator, this broker managed to conquer the marketplace of binary options with innovative platforms and facilities. The Option Building and the Islamic account are the most genially structured platforms. The introduction of mobile applications in the trade system is the smarter marketing strategy and a good technological support. But the delayed answers to withdrawal requests and refunds requests made great number of the subscribers unhappy and the number of complaints is growing day by day. It seems like many traders are moving to Titantrade

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