Redwood Options Review – Trading In Binary Options

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the platform is 100 percent web based , this broker offers you the biggest list of available assets , Live chat is only available from Mondays through Fridays

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broker not being offered for US Residents

Overall, Redwood Options review reveals that this is a legit strong brand with a bright future still it remains to be fresh and updates must be watch out for especially if you are deciding on what to invest in next. Since this is good as a new player there are no valid complaints yet posted about Redwood Options. In fact, there are no reports of unsatisfied customers. To start trading all you need to do is to request for an eBook and learn how binary options work. The next steps would be up to you. After seeing the potential income that you will earn when you invest with this broker. Trading with as little as $5 on the 60-Second Options is lower than what this industry offers. It is just a small amount to risk but the rewards outweigh all of these. Give this broker a try and see how easy it is to trade with such diverse assets.

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Redwood Options Review – Trading In Binary Options

Redwood Options review


t was in 2013 when Redwood Options entered the binary options market. According to Yahoo Finance this was the year when Redwood Binary Options was first offered to the public. From the onset, it is apparent that Redwood Binary wants to be recognize in this industry as one of the leading companies that offer binary options. In fairness to Redwood Options they are focus on providing you with what you really need. In other words, this broker is concern about helping you start and succeed in this business. According to Redwood Options review the payouts that you will get from trading under this broker has got to be the biggest crowd drawer.

Redwood Options has been conveying that it wants to do real business

Another plus factor that Redwood Binary has to offer is its SpotOption platform known for its ease of use and great level of functionality. On top of this according to various Redwood Options review that there is nothing shady about the dealings with this broker even if they don’t do trade in the US. They posted their land address on their website so this also means they are not some fly-by-night operators who are standing by to scam any unsuspecting gullible victim. Redwood Options has been conveying that it wants to do real business.

It is a fact that investors choose to invest on binary options when they believe that the market is unstable. The reason for this is because by investing in binary options you can be assured that there will always be payouts. To be truthful it is not all profits and no losses. However, a balance is met because there are more favorable turnouts than losses. Individuals who have been trading with this broker knows this for a fact. No wonder trading can be fun and fulfilling. It must be the reason as well why there are just a few minor issues with this broker. These are small non-descript issues that does not merit any real attention.


Redwood Options Review 

Redwood Options reviewsAccording to Redwood Options review although the official website for Redwood Options is a bit similar to the other broker site it looks uncluttered. If you are somebody who appreciates smooth and clutter free design you would definitely love how the site appears. However, one of the minor setbacks with Redwood Binary is that they offer nothing new. If it is the goal of Redwood Options trading to rank high among its peers in the same industry it has to level up its A-game. Redwood Binary Options offers you limited educational material if you do not have an active account with them.

However, the two lessons that you will be given with is enough to give you an idea about how the binary options market work. This is especially useful if you are somebody new to this marketplace. In terms of Redwood Options bonuses this will depend on what amount you deposited with this broker. For the minimum account that you get to deposit with Redwood Binary Options you will receive $50 bonus. There are even cases according to Redwood Options review that you will get as high as 100 percent in case you will place higher deposits with this broker. However, the wager is thirty times the bonus and this is one of the requirements for Redwood Options withdrawal. You simply cannot just withdraw your bonus without fulfilling your part. 


Redwood Binary Options 

Redwood Options is power pack with these binary options: One Touch and 60-Second Options and on top of this its Open Platform.  This platform allows you as trader to look at the overall picture of the trading. According to Redwood Options review, this gives you the option to look at the entire Redwood Binary Options trading environment. Observing how other traders are conducting their trade can encourage you to copy their actions. It can give you fresh new insight about this kind of trading.

Redwood OptionsFrom these options, according to Redwood Options review it is the Option Builder that allows you to customize your trading. What you just need to do is to select the type of contract that you want, choose the expiry time that you think will work best for you, choose the specific asset, decide whether you will take risk or profit ratio and input the amount that you wish to invest with. This is how simple it is to start trading Redwood Binary Options.

You don’t have to be a scientist or mathematician genius to be able to trade efficiently with the help of Option Builder. In fact, even if you are an expert trader you can still appreciate the greater flexibility and ability of Redwood Binary Options to tailor your trades according to your specific expertise. Again, it is as simple as that. 

What is Redwood Options? 

For some market observers they describe Redwood Options as a reasonable broker to work with for your investments through binary options trading. However, this broker is in the path of being regulated at this time. There will come a time that it will reach full regulation status much like other broker companies like EZTrader. Here are the qualities that explains who this broker is. For starters, this broker has been sincere and is still sincerely delivering great service for traders who are under its care. It continues to offer excellent trading options in binary trading. The approach might be simple and similar to some binary option brokers out there but, the advantage is that traders see the sincerity in its straight forward approach to this type of trading. 

Redwood Options Trading 

 redwood binaryAccording to Redwood Options review there are a lot of assets that you can trade with. There are actually more than 158 Redwood Binary Options assets that you can start trading with. This broker might lack the finesse that some experienced traders are looking for but, what Redwood Binary lacks it provides you with the best tools of the trade. You will get a historical insight into the weekly financial market. This will give you a clear idea on what future trades will likely hit low or high. You will be surprise what’s waiting for you when you browse the Redwood Options news and educational section. The tools that you will be given with by Redwood Binary Options are amazingly the very thing that you will need when you trade. It would not be surprising if you spend more time than you think possible in this sections because of the great material and tools found in it. You can also understand better how Redwood Binary has simply provided you with all of what you need all under one roof. However, some traders cannot help but compare this binary options platform to a similar but better established trading platform that of TradeRush. It is not surprising at all that they come from the same company. However, experienced traders believe that Redwood Binary will leave its trademark than other companies that it is commonly compared with. There will come a time that it will come up with something to differentiate itself from the rest of its kind. 

Redwood Options Withdrawal 

According to Redwood Options review you need to provide proper identification documents in order to qualify for Redwood Options withdrawal. This is actually fair practice since you would not likely want to have just anybody withdraw your bonus. These stringent measures are imposed to protect your investments. This does not only apply to withdrawals but for all the important information that you have entrusted Redwood Options with. The good news is that if you withdraw using your credit card you will not be slapped with fees however, if you use bank wire withdrawals, you will be required to pay $30.

The processing period for these withdrawals according to Redwood Binary Options is within 3 business days however, you still need to wait for another 5 to 7 business days to receive the payment. 

Redwood Options trading


Redwood Options Features 

Redwood Options review divulges that this broker has a user friendly SpotOption platform. This allows you easy access to all of its features. However, if English is not your major language you need the help of Google translate to understand what the website and this broker has to offer. Simply put, the website is presented just in English.

One of Redwood Binary Options features aside from its Redwood Options demo account is that it is offered for use in Android. Redwood Binary Options review reveals that this broker offers Ladder Option and what they refer to as iFollow. By the way, Redwood Binary Option review says that iFollow allows you to link your account with leading traders on the official site for Redwood Binary Options. The trading system works this way. When you click the trading platform you will see five different trading choices and these are: Binary Options, Option Builder, 60 Seconds, One Touch and Open Platform which is for Pro-traders.

Pix2If you are confident that you are a professional experience trader you can make use of the Open Platform to start trading. Binary Options are the standard Call/Put trades. In the platform you will see the screen displaying the Binary Options Top Picks which are usually compose of three binary option trades. All that you need is to check the box beside the one that you choose should you go with this option. You can now proceed to select what specific items to trade with. If in case you choose to go with commodities you can click on one of the tabs. Simply choose whatever binary options you would like to trade with by clicking on the drop down menu. Should you choose to go with Option Builder, this broker you can simply set your trade settings and see the trade risk involve. One Touch Trading involves predicting if a certain stock can reach a certain price given a short period of trading time. The advantage of using this kind of approach is that you will not need to wait for expiry time.

You will readily know that you have earn profits right away. The process works this way, once the price of the underlying asset has been reached you will know if you have gain profits. This type of trading can give you a good return on your investment that are in some cases can reach up to 500 percent. This explains why some traders like to trade using this strategy. 60 Second Binary Options is standard Call/Put binary options that last for just 60 seconds as the name implies. However, you have more options by choosing to double this investment or use roll over options. When you double your investment you will get double in return. Whereas using the roll over option means that you add time to your trade in exchange for commission.

If you think that this is not your style you can go with Open Platform. This is an advanced way of trading since it shows charts that professional traders are familiar with. This shows the important data about the different kinds of binary options that you can trade with. Again, these features are clearly shown on the dashboard.This means you can simply follow their trades and pick up pointers on how to succeed. After all, these traders will not lead if they don’t know what they are doing. This also comes with what Redwood Options refer to as Academy Services.  The features of this service includes daily and weekly market reviews, One-on-One trading sessions, live signals, eBooks and live webinars. As if this is not yet power pack, Redwood Options trading added One-On-One trade analysis as a form of post trading.

This full range of trading choices is one of this broker’s best features. Traders can even choose to roll over or double up if they are not contented with any of these: 60 Second Options, Touch Options and Pair Options. This is one of the most important advantages of working with a broker that has received binary option licensing from CySEC. This broker is in fact under SpotOption trading platform that is one of the very first recipients of CySEC binary option license. Therefore this broker adheres to Cyprus financial regulations. This proves that some people who alleges that this broker is un-regulated are all purely fabrications. 



Redwood Options Platform Languages 

Redwood Options withdrawalAs previously mentioned, the website is only offered in English. This is somewhat a drawback for traders who do not completely understand this universal language. This is probably one of the things that Redwood Options can improve in. This kind of business requires the introduction of using various languages that specifically cater to traders who have the money but does not communicate through this mode of language. The same thing can be said about their customer support. If you don’t speak English you will not appreciate the instructions given or it will be hard for you to understand what the customer support group is babbling about.

Even if the customer representative is diligent in providing you with great service it would sound too foreign for your taste. To be fair, give Redwood Options time to improve on this minor setback. At this time it is somewhat essential to initiate changes after all a lot of the trading that this broker offers cater to non-English speaking countries. It is not their fault if regulations will not allow them to operate in the US. The important thing is that they are regulated even if in this case it is outside of the US. True, this broker lacks some of the attractive offers given by the other leading brands out there but, the most important thing is that it provides 

Redwood Options Regulations 

What good is trading when it is not properly regulated? This broker makes it a point that all of the transactions whether it is funding your transactions or withdrawals are in compliance with international money laundering regulations. This broker is providing you with various ways to transfer your funds which includes credit/debit card, eWallet and Wire transfers. Some might not be aware of it but the reason why this broker has stopped accepting US customers is because this means it is on the path to regulation. The clues were clear, for experience traders when they see the new platform updates in 2014 with its advanced features such as long term options, 30-Second Options, Pair Options, Ladder Options and colored chart. These are obvious signs that this broker is in the path to initiate changes. 

Redwood Options Deposit 

Redwood binary optionsRedwood Binary Options reviews says that the minimum deposit for this broker is $200 or approximately 2,000 Japanese Yen whereas the minimum amount to start trading with is just $10. You can always try out Redwood Options demo account to test how their system will fair. If in case you choose to spend big then you can deposit $5,000 in case you are using your credit card and $10,000 if you prefer Western Union. However, you can deposit an unlimited amount if you choose to go with Wire transfers. One thing that you will notice when you choose to go with Redwood binary is that the amount that you withdraw in your preferred currency is also worth your time and effort. The procedure to withdraw is standard similar to those that you see with other binary option brokers. However, proper identification is needed as well as proof of address. This is only applicable if you use a credit card to deposit.

There are no charges with credit card withdrawals unlike when you choose to withdraw via bank transfers. The number of days to process your withdrawal request is just fair unless you are in a hurry because this might be a source of frustration. It is always great to nurture patience when you are trading with binary options after all it is a small price to pay in exchange for the benefits that you will get in return. When you are about to deposit you will be offered three kinds of bonuses. If you are wise enough better check out the restrictions that you will be under in case you availed of this bonuses. There are always strings attach in the form of requirements that you need to fulfill if you want to avail of each respective bonuses.

Mini Account allows you to deposit from $200 to $999. The perks that you will get out of this investment are 30 percent bonus, daily market reviews; free customer support even on the phone. If you have more money to trade with you can choose to go Executive Account where you only need to deposit $1000 up to $4999. This comes with special privileges like 70 percent bonus, expedited withdrawals. On top of this you will get the assistance of an account manager and one risk free trade. Still you can choose to go for a Gold Account and invest from $5000 to $10,000. This comes with a privilege to get same day withdrawals aside from the 100 percent bonus. With this account you will get the assistance of a senior account manager, learn trading strategies, undergo money management training and have not one but five risk free trades. 

Redwood Options Pros 

Redwood binary optionsThe platform is 100 percent web based which means there is no need to download anything unless you are trading via mobile which might require some apps downloading but after that there is no need to require additional downloading once the program is installed in your preferred device. There is no need for in-depth experience to begin trading with this broker. All of the tools that you need are already provided for. You have all of the educational material to give you a sort of crash course before investing in this market. These educational materials in some cases are exclusive educational tools that you will not see anywhere under binary options trading that is. The wide range of options to trade with is the biggest plus factor in favor of this broker.

Redwood Options review reveals that this broker offers you the biggest list of available assets. If you are a self-starter who are searching for a solid trading platform to trade even with the biggest options this broker has enough armor to keep you occupied. Ever since the time that Redwood Binary started in this business it has grown with its list of assets. Redwood Binary has manage to expand its list by adding more stocks, indices and foreign currencies in its mix. Their expiry times run from as fast as 60-Seconds up to 6 months. You can actually take the approach that matches your trading style. If you are comfortable with taking instant risks then the obvious choice would be to go with 60-Second Options. However, if you are patient as a trader then the wisest choice would be an option that reflects patience and waiting. Redwood Binary offers you weekend trades that are has limited assets to trade with. If this is not what you prefer there are still a lot of good choices that Redwood Binary offers. One Touch Option for example gives you options from Monday until Friday.

redwood_banner_300x250_euro_81Just like its sister company TradeRush, Redwood Binary offers you a return on your investment from an average of 75 percent but, this reaches to 81 percent in most cases. The lowest return so far is for 70 percent. All of these numbers clearly adds up to show you that most of the returns are considered to be acceptable in the eyes of your fellow traders. New traders will be happy to hear that Redwood Binary offers 10 percent return on your investment if your option expires Out-of-the-Money. This is good news to you especially if you are just starting out and are trying to regain your losses. There are still some surprises in store for you from this broker. Like for example being provided with a decent customer support service. These people are friendly and knows how to guide you and assist you with anything that you need as a trader. Alternative ways to get in touch with the support team if they are not online is via email not just via phone call. Live chat is only available from Mondays through Fridays however, this is for 24 hours for these 5 days otherwise if there are concerns during the weekends you can always send them your concerns with the other alternatives previously mentioned here. Traders are reminded about the bonus structure. You need to know the specific deposit bonus which will be different from one to the other. All that you need to do is to check with customer support before depositing to confirm this bonus offer. One thing is for sure, when the asset that you choose is available you can proceed to trade in your relevant market. With such accurate data provided for what else is there to look for. 

Redwood Options Complaints 

Some of the Redwood Options Complaints has got to be about this broker not being offered for US Residents, if you are from the united states try Boss Capital. Other Redwood Options Complaints is about this broker being able to provide only 81 percent payouts which could be higher according to some Redwood Options reviews. Other Redwood Binary Options reviews though does not agree with this perception. According to this people when this broker can guarantee you 100 percent payout then it is the right time to call it Redwood Options scam. After all, no decent broker can guarantee that there will be no losses when you trade. Again, if this broker guarantees no losses that would be the time that you can call them Redwood Options scam. This is because when something sounds too good to be true it usually is.

redwood binary options reviewsYou will likely run into somebody who will ask is Redwood Options legit? The good news is that Redwood Options reviews can testify and prove that this is one of the honest to goodness brokers in this industry. Yes, it far from perfect but it has the potential to become one of the industry’s greats. Is Redwood Options legit? Redwood Options scam this is not because if it is so it will not last for more than a year and this company has existed more than that. Is Redwood legit? Why not give Redwood Options demo account a try to see and prove that this broker is far from illegal. It all boils down to reading and comprehending what the Redwood Binary Options review say about this broker.

You cannot deny that the world of trading online has change. It is the time when people like you would share your experiences as a trader hence the posting of various Redwood Binary reviews to cheer this broker if it has performed well and do give it thumbs down if it sucks. Some of the Redwood reviews did mention that this broker offers only English as mode of communication and does not offer other languages. Unlike some of the brokers that offer multiple languages that cater to other citizens of the world especially those that live in well-developed countries who have the financial resources that they can invest in such kind of investments. 


redwood binary options reviewOverall, Redwood Options review reveals that this is a legit strong brand with a bright future still it remains to be fresh and updates must be watch out for especially if you are deciding on what to invest in next. Since this is good as a new player there are no valid complaints yet posted about Redwood Options. In fact, there are no reports of unsatisfied customers. To start trading all you need to do is to request for an eBook and learn how binary options work. The next steps would be up to you. After seeing the potential income that you will earn when you invest with this broker. Trading with as little as $5 on the 60-Second Options is lower than what this industry offers. It is just a small amount to risk but the rewards outweigh all of these. Give this broker a try and see how easy it is to trade with such diverse assets.

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