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Boosts all natural testosterone production, maintains healthy and strong bones as well as muscles, increases sperm count and fertility, improves sex drive, improves libido and strength, muscle enhancing product, using the products NO2 Maximus and HT Rush when combined can bring huge surges in muscle growth without the need to change diet, longer trial period offer of 18 days as compared to what other companies offer, cancellation form found on the site,

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overpriced, users have different opinions and results, available for sale exclusively on the official HT Rush website and no other location, very little information given on how NO2 Maximus and HT Rush works, limited clinical studies about how these supplement works
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Using this product for just a week alone can produce impressive results however, the effects does not happen to everybody. Because of the combination of HT Rush and NO2 Maximus the results are better as compared to using just one kind of pre workout product alone. This clearly shows that having two supplements works better than one. These products are not just about its key ingredient Fenugreek alone but, an assorted combination of natural herbs that help to restore testosterone levels. At the same time the use of these ingredients will produce great outcomes to counter the effects of low testosterone levels. There are other benefits of using NO2 Maximus and HT Rush like more energy, weight loss, and better lean muscle mass. Sexual issues connected to aging are helpfully address by these supplements. As far as results are concern since each individual is different from each other expect to see results ranging from 60 to 90 days. However, there are some men who profess that they see the full blown effect in as early as 30 days.

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HT Rush Review – All Natural Supplements to Build Muscles



ow does this supplement work? In every man’s brain, a complex chain of signals known as Hypothalamic Pituitary Gonadal Axis regulates testosterone production. During puberty the body begins to increase producing this hormone and it remains in a steady supply until the body reaches the age of 30. From this age this sex hormones experiences a decline hence the presence of the negative effects on the body. Whether men like it or not this is how their body works. If they are interested to get back a fresh supply of this all important hormone they need to find a product like HT Rush. Low testosterone issues is a common problem amongst men who are from 30 years old and beyond. HT Rush is primarily a supplement hailed for its testosterone boosting properties. There are a lot of benefits gained by using this product which includes the following:

  • Increases stamina during workouts in the gym
  • Allows users to work longer without feeling fatigue
  • Resurrects sex life by helping users become sexually active again
  • Within a week of using this supplement improves mood and produces that happy feeling
  • Trims body
  • Fuels and encourages peak performance in the gym or in bed
  • Become healthier while looking good
  • Decreases estrogen so that the body can release luteinizing hormone

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that gives men their muscle and prowess in bed. This link explains testosterone better and defines what it is:

  • Male sex hormone responsible for sexual and reproductive development
  • Most important male hormone
  • Is present in women but, in low levels
  • Commonly referred to as steroids and is produce on the testes
  • Responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics during puberty such as increase in penis size, growth of facial hair and deepens voice
  • Plays a role in sex drive and sperm production
  • Determines fat distribution on the body
  • Helps produce red cells for the body
  • Maintains muscle strength and mass
  • Levels tends to lower during the evenings and peaks during the early mornings


What is ht rush? 

What is ht rush? According to HT Rush reviews men usually encounter decreasing levels of testosterone as soon as they reach the age of 30. The effects might not be in an instant however, little by little the body exhibits these effects. What is HT Rush? HT Rush Testosterone Booster is scientifically formulated to increase testosterone levels naturally. This product is naturally source and made. It is not a secret as shown on HT Rush review that by using all natural supplements there are faster results. As a bonus amazing energy and strength courses through the veins. For men who are intent and dedicated in working out to reach their fitness goals these are things that they want to see in a pre-workout supplement. Thankfully this product has all of the ingredient that works to motivate the body to produce those bigger muscles.

This link shows a practical guide in looking for safe testosterone boosters, Choosing a safe testosterone booster is difficult however, finding the right one will actually benefit the body in more ways than one. Some herbal boosters like those found in HT Rush ingredients increases the pituitary gland’s Luteinizing hormone production. This is referred to as the Messenger hormone that signals testes to produce testosterone. 

Ht rush ingredients 

The secret why this supplement works according to HT Rush reviews lies on a good combination of the right kind of ingredients. Fenugreek and Terrestris Tribulus are herbs that sends a signal to the body to produce testosterone. In the case of Terrestris Tribulus, men who want to have bigger bodies often resort to using a supplement that has this specific ingredient. Athletes used this to improve their performance especially during the Olympic Games before it was banned. HT Rush review refers to this ingredient as being responsible for T enhancing benefits. This specific ingredient is credited for treating impotence and infertility. This also helps to increase libido whether used by men or women. However, HT Rush is exclusively for men so for women they need to look for other alternative sources that is as effective as this one. Terrestris Tribulus is attributed for increasing the levels of semen in men. In the case of Fenugreek, this link shows how Fenugreek is not a newcomer when it comes to the world of supplements and health,  In fact, using the right amounts of Fenugreek can actually encourage the muscles to grow. In the past the seeds of this plant has been used for medicine. Here are some of the other uses of Fenugreek:

  • Addresses digestive issues such as loss of appetite
  • Helps users fight against constipation
  • Guards the heart against hardening of the arteries; a condition better known as atherosclerosis
  • Protects the body against cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Treats kidney ailment
  • Treats mouth ulcers, bronchitis, infection of the skin or cellulitis
  • Cushions diabetics against decrease in blood sugar

Ht rush ingredients

Vitamin D is important for healthy bones, promotes immune system improvement as well as other kinds of body functions. This link validates the need for proper Vitamin D supplementation Even those that are under weight loss programs do attest that having this vitamin around contributes to loss of weight. In some studies it was even mentioned how taking Vitamin D alone for a year can help increase this male hormones levels. What is HT Rush? This supplement has the sufficient amounts of nutrients and vitamins that the body needs in order to produce this sex hormones’ levels. A good example of food rich in Vitamin D is tuna whether this comes straight from the can or from fresh catch.

There are benefits of finding a supplement that has L- Citrulline, thankfully HT Rush has this in the right amount. According to HT Rush reviews the prime benefit of taking a supplement that has this specific ingredient is to treat erectile dysfunction or ED. This helps the penis become hard. This is undeniably one of the issues that older men. Some refers to Citrulline as the horsepower even if this is considered as a newcomer to the erectile dysfunction market. There was a time when researchers concentrate more on other well-known ingredients. It was not until findings show that Citrulline is the real superstar in terms of results.

Ht rush ingredientsZinc and lack of it can post certain health issues and most of these have to do with reproductive health. As early as the late 1990s research studies show how those men who avoid using zinc for 5 months have experienced a drop in their T levels by as much as 50 percent. For the group that took zinc their T levels were up. In fact, according to HT Rush reviews for men who have lower zinc content on their body they have normal T levels. For those men who have low zinc contents on their diet, they are even at risk of facing male menopause. Suffice to say that having the right amount of zinc will allow the body to actively release testosterone or T levels. Athletes have realize these effects which is why they often take advantage of products that has zinc on it.

Vitamin B6 builds up testosterone levels. The same thing can be said about Vitamin B12. According to HT Rush review Vitamin B6 works by suppressing estrogen in the body so that the male hormone shall rise up. Whether men likes it or not Vitamin B6 directly affects how the body regulates the male hormone. This vitamin is also responsible for producing and transporting red blood cells. For men who lack this specific vitamin on their diet they will feel loss of appetite, decrease immunity and even suffer from episodes of fatigue. They do easily get tired. The solution if they only know is to take this vitamin. Vitamin B12 is also dubbed as energy vitamin. This dramatically spikes up the users energy levels. There are even cases when the person has exhausted his supply of this vitamin that there is a need for injection shots.

Nettle Leaf is commonly referred to as stinging nettle. This is an ingredient that is known for its male enhancing properties. This works to improve sex life at least for men who have issues about this. This link shows the benefits of using nettle leaf. There was a time when this specific ingredient was used to treat joint pain and arthritis.  This ingredient works by reducing levels of inflammation in the body. It works by blocking the pain signals send by the brain.

Panax Ginseng and Siberian Ginseng are both Ginseng. These are popular herbs in Western culture that is said to improve libido and improve erection. The right kind of ginseng can increase this hormones levels. Panax Ginseng helps men improve their sex drive. Men who have used products that contains this ginseng can attest to its efficacy making it a good alternative to treat erectile dysfunction. In Chinese traditional medication this specific herb is used for a multitude of purpose. Here are some of the health benefits of using Panax Ginseng:

  • Stimulates physical and mental health
  • Promotes loss of weight
  • Helps men fight against excessive loss of hair
  • Regenerates the skin cells
  • Inhibits growth of tumor, in some cases this was even credited as a treatment against cancer but there is insufficient evidence when it comes to this specific claim

According to HT Rush reviews, Bioperine is considered to be an ingredient that proves to increase T levels. Clinical trials were made in the United States that proves that Bioperine contributes against low levels of this hormone. Cordyceps Sinensis is derive from the family of edible fungus or better known in cooking as mushrooms. Even research findings came out empty in terms of toxicology results making this mushroom safe to use and fit for human consumption. This plant is commonly used in Traditional Chinese medication for centuries. Users who post their HT Rush reviews are glad about these results. This assures users that this is safe to be consumed. No matter how users try their best to take as much nutritious food their body cannot get enough supply of these nutrients to fuel hormone production. Simply put, they cannot eat the right amount from food source alone. This is why it is vital to find the right kind of product like this awesome combination of NO2 Maximus and HT Rush. Improve the body’s composition by using certain nutrients that will optimize the levels of this all important hormone. One of the most appreciated testosterone booster is Spartagen XT  .

Ht rush side effects

Ht rush side effects 

HT Rush reviews coming from users did not mention any information about HT Rush side effects. This works for this supplement’s favor. However, for those who are taking other forms of medication it is always a wise decision to consult doctors to prevent potential damage due to lack of knowledge. Using any of the medications recommended by the doctor will not cause damage however, using these together in some cases might produce negative effects. It is not totally this supplements’ fault since it is still the responsibility of the user to inform the doctor of what he is taking to avoid as mentioned such setbacks. More side effects pertain to lack of the proper nutrients like in the case of zinc that pushes the body to have less of this hormone. The reason for this is that the male prostate tissue needs at least 10 times more zinc than other cells in the body. This is just one for one ingredient alone. 

 No2 maximus and ht rush 

 No2 maximus and ht rush HT Rush and NO2 Maximus are referred to as supplements that complement each other. Both of these supplements are made of all natural ingredients. NO2 Maximus and HT Rush both promises insane gains when working out in the gym. These are referred to as products that complement each other, each have its own properties that when combined work to bring positive results for those who are after a better ripped muscled body. According to those who were able to use NO2 Maximus and HT Rush combined they can expect results in as early as 30 days. Remember that these are real results hence the results are not in an instant.

To expect the results previously discuss earlier the user must swallow a capsule of HT Rush every day. However, it would be advisable to take these supplements are directed. It is not advisable however to overdose. It will be safer on the body if these supplements shall be used according to package direction. For those who follow these simple instruction it would not be difficult to avoid HT Rush side effects. What is HT Rush? What about the combination of using NO2 Maximus and HT Rush? Read this HT Rush review further to know more.

Ht rush testosterone booster 

HT Rush reviews talks about the effects of HT Rush testosterone booster thanks to its efficient HT Rush ingredients. However, this product will only work to some extent. According to HT Rush review there are some practical things that users can do to improve their testosterone levels further with the help of HT Rush. This link shows the role of using naturally source testosterone boosters,

  • Get sufficient amount of sleep
  • Maintain ideal weight
  • Live an active lifestyle
  • Control stress levels
  • Ensure that taking certain medications do not contradict each other

By the way, from the time a baby is in his mother’s womb this plays a role in developing his brain. However, the highest age when testosterone levels are at their peak is during adolescence and early adulthood. From age 30 and beyond it is estimated that the average percentage of testosterone drops by 1 percent per year. Imagine how it would look like when a man reaches full adulthood. By that time without proper supplementation this would mean low testosterone levels. The common effects of low testosterone are:

  • Change in sleeping patterns
  • Lack of motivation; emotional effect where men feel depress and unexplained mood swings
  • Physical changes like increase in body size
  • Reduce muscle bulk
  • Decrease amount of bone density

Ht rush testosterone booster

This is why there is a need to increase this hormone. It is a plus to be able to see this hormone increase without resorting to chemical alternatives. It is still better for the body to get its sources from natural means. This helps the body to avoid untoward side effects. In the long run a little sacrifice can go a long way. It will not require a lot, which is if the user can only find time to take the supplement on a daily basis. If a man suspects that he is suffering from low testosterone he must find time to visit his physician. In this case, it is still advisable to take on the doctor’s reminder that prevention is better than cure. After all, most of would-be cases of sickness is prevented by taking on simple measures like this.

Ht rush reviews 

Ht rush reviews For fitness enthusiasts’ higher testosterone levels brought about by using NO2 Maximus and HT Rush will promote not only muscle building properties but, also other benefits. A combination of supplements that complement each other will cause the body to lose weight because supplements like this can help users fight obesity. Still on a positive note, having the right amount of testosterone on the body can actually protect it from cardiovascular disease and diabetes. By having the right amount of this hormone, it improves mood, cognitive function and libido. On a negative note, low testosterone levels is clearly associated with the risk of death when it goes lower than what the body needs. There is no need to wait for such a predicament. It is now the right time to use supplements like this one to avoid this. What things must be considered when looking for the right kind of testosterone booster?

  • Consider the users age and health status
  • Consider his fitness and weight loss goals
  • Hormonal levels must be measured to check for the right kind of testosterone booster
  • Research on what kind of foods to take along with the supplement that will complement and maximize the results 


Boosting testosterone has an impact on the hormone contents of the body. Some men who suffer from prostate disease must consider taking all natural supplements instead of just the average kind of hormone boosting supplements. Diet plays a role as well in determining how to help the body boost the effects of the supplements as well. Here is a link that shows how diet plays a huge role in increasing testosterone levels,

  • Eat for higher testosterone levels
  • Raise Vitamin D intake. Thankfully according to HT Rush review this supplement has Vitamin D so that the body can absorb calcium. Vitamin D is linked to longer life and improve testosterone production

timthumbWith the help of a supplement like HT Rush it is possible to lose weight while at the same time get all of the nutrients that the body needs to increase T levels. According to HT Rush reviews when men are in a diet their body enters a period of stress. When the body is stressed out it produces stress hormones. When this hormone is release, testosterone levels drop. This is why using NO2 Maximus and HT Rush can encourage the body to produce this much needed hormone especially when its supply is starting to wane. Simply put, leaner men have higher levels of testosterone while their fatter peers are those that have low levels of this male hormone. This is why it is still worth to find a way to increase this specific hormones’ levels.

HT Rush review reveals how this supplement converts cholesterol molecules into free testosterone. For those who are on a diet, low fat diets can decrease testosterone levels can increase fat contents. A good rule of thumb is to take at least 30 percent of the daily calories from dietary fat and cut down on fats that will only be stored by the body. Some men often avoid taking carbs when in fact consuming the right amount will help them diet. However, HT Rush review shares that low amounts of carbs also reduces testosterone levels. To have a piece of the cake and eat it the only solution is to use a product like HT Rush to supplement the right kind of nutrients and vitamins that the body needs.

Some men might not be aware of this but, the process of getting the supply of glucose from non-carbohydrate sources adds stress to the body.  When the body has enough glucose levels the brain releases more GnRH which helps it produce testosterone in sufficient amounts that the body needs. This is why even HT Rush review points the fact that the best source would be to supplement because if the body solely relies on natural sources imbalance will normally take place. HT Rush review coming from users vow about the effect of taking a supplement that will allow them to lose weight while at the same time is efficient enough not to affect the T levels.



Even with the premise and positive reference to NO2 Maximus, some users say that this particular supplement are simply made out of amino acids. These amino acids according to these users improves blood flow by dilating blood vessels. Improvements is observable once the oxygen travels through the system. However, there is no additional information given on how it specifically works with HT Rush. Some HT Rush reviews also admitted this as well. There is also that issue about how these supplements bills buyers nearly $100 for a 30 day supply. HT Rush review also mentions this as one of the reasons why some men who started using the product after learning about the charge finally makes a decision to cancel and ask for refunds instead. 


ht rush Conclusion Worried about how this supplements is going to work? The cards have been laid out and both of the positives and setbacks about this product was presented. For those who started using this product shared how it has helped them lead a healthier lifestyle. Some of the men even refer to how using a product like this can make a girl feel satisfied in bed. Rock hard erections are common occurrence when using the right kind of supplement. If there is a word to describe the effect of using HT Rush it would be Power. These men cannot be blamed for stating such raving HT Rush reviews after all, it is not easy to find the right match when looking for a supplement that will bring about the results that it was intended for. Stacking supplements is not new, bodybuilders and athletes are using these for several decade now. Their reason is mainly to reach that stage where they will grow more muscles. This is equally true for those who have reach their plateau, it is harder to find a good set of supplements to make their body achieve the muscles that they want to have.

By using a combination of HT Rush and NO2 Maximus. This duo compliments each other working on the body however, it is unbelievable that these can boost muscles as much as 700 percent because this is close to impossible as some reviews claims. It is more truthful to believe that it can put muscle growth on hyper drive. Just how big the muscles become will depend on how the user maximizes the use of NO2 Maximus and HT Rush. This will also depend on just how much training went into it to since users can expect to get more pumps when they are backed with a testosterone booster like these two and especially on the part of HT Rush.  For those who are worried whether using HT Rush will work or not the best thing to do is to start taking this supplement. It would not harm to observe the results when using NO2 Maximus and HT Rush and see how this compare on using just one of these products alone. For those who are suffering from the effects of low T use these supplements and experience the rush of renewed energy and power.

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