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    Transunion Reviews: Global Leadership in Credit Information ransunion has been considered as a global leader when it comes to credit information. This company has been around for more than 40 years working with consumers and businesses gather and analyze vital information that they collected to build strong economies. Its two fold mission is to help […]

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    Transunion Reviews: Global Leadership in Credit Information


    ransunion has been considered as a global leader when it comes to credit information. This company has been around for more than 40 years working with consumers and businesses gather and analyze vital information that they collected to build strong economies. Its two fold mission is to help businesses avoid playing with risks and know how to deal if arises. Business can learn from the data that they collected how to handle customer relationships. Consumers can handle their finances better because of this information. To date Trans Union serves about 45,000 businesses and 500 consumers around the globe. This is an impressive feat for a credit information giant.

    Personal section talks about how an individual can benefit when he subscribed to the 7 day free trial for monitoring service. This however, must be canceled at any time before the end of the 7 day trial in order to avoid paying the monthly cost of $17.95. The Identity Theft service of Transunion is a good way to protect personal information from scrupulous individuals who might try to use the individual’s credit card. The member can lock and unlock access to his information as he deemed fit. Tips and strategies are given freely to protect the person from identity theft. Trans Union has provided customer assistance to address issues.

    Transunion has been considered as a global leader when it comes to credit information

    The Business section helps businesses protect their customer and business data. It is also helpfully categorized per need and per industry. It gives businesses the answer to their very needs by just a few clicks away. As a bonus a special topic covered under the business section deals with the present market situation that will directly affect the business. Small businesses can learn more about how to review their portfolio to avoid risks. The same identity theft service can protect the upstart or budding business endeavors.

    Repair Your Bad Credit using Transunion Services

    How to Repair Bad Credit ?

    Anyone at some point in time has face or nearly faced bad credit. There was a time when having bad ratings was viewed as solely the responsibility of the person. Now, people have learned that there are some things that happen that cannot be controlled. In some cases an individual gets sick, a marriage has dissolve, and calamity strikes. These are all real life situation that happens and affects the finances of the person and his family. In some cases when these scenarios happen these people are subjected to disapproval of loans. This makes it hard for them to obtain loans and cards that offer reasonable rates.

    Everything is not lost as long as the individual do his part in having his ratings improves. First he must learn to live within his means. He must cut all the unnecessary spending that may somehow help to drag his scores down. He must pay down what he owes. If he can manage to do it, get a second job to pay for what he owes. This may look like extreme measures but as the saying goes” no pain, no gain”.  Learn to balance the type of loans. Try to have a revolving loan and an installment one. It is necessary to use loans sparingly.

    Avoid maxing out card limit by using only an estimate of 25% to 30% of the total allowable amount that can be use. It would be easy to pay down if there are only small amount of loan to pay. Try to use the older credit card than the newer ones. If it can be manage try to use at least two of these cards within the percentage mentioned earlier.

    After behaving responsibly, communicate with the lender writing if they can erase at least one late payment from the history. This is what is known as goodwill adjustment. Showing the company an improvement in payment history will likely convince them that the individual has shifted from bad creditor to a good one. Get a copy of the report and browse each one to look for errors. These errors can be disputed in writing.

    Write a convincing dispute letter address to the bureau regarding such errors. Highlight the errors using a highlighter pen to make it easier for anybody who will review it to see the exact error. By the way send the dispute letter using registered mail and make extra copies of the documents send.

    It takes 30 days for the bureaus to review these errors. Better expect that it is normal to see an additional 15 days on top of this. There are some special cases when the dispute happens to fall under their policy regarding non-investigation, corrections can be made within days. Some examples are when the address place in the report is wrong or an unauthorized user credit card was added in it. Once these errors are neglected then no one can benefit from such correction.

    First of all the bureaus are not obliged to conduct investigation on errors without complains. How would they know the error if nobody gets their attention? There are cases when request for error correction is ignored. This is when the dispute letter did not explain what the dispute is all about. In another case, if the dispute letter carries the same inquiry for a particular item and was send to the bureaus several times. It can be compared to spam mail. It will definitely be ignored for being frivolous.

    Transunion Reviews


    The sentiment of one Transunion review respondent says that their first impression about the website is that it expertly categorizes the needs and separates them. Another constructive criticism coming from another Transunion review was that the site gives them the impression that both the company and TrueCredit are satisfactory brands to work with.

    Trans Union 3-in-1 credit monitoring service is helpful especially for those who want to find a way to increase their ratings. Data that came straight from the right source is trustworthy, informative and helpful. The company sends an email to notify the individual or business about changes to the report within 24 hours. This way the concerned individual or business can find a way how to remedy their situation.

    Effective monitoring against identity theft so that the individual can be protected against this very issue. The company can issue security freeze in the event that somebody uses the individuals’ credit. In some cases an insurance policy to recover the identity is given for those who live in New York. For those who find errors on their reports they are encourage to file for dispute to have it corrected. One of the best things that Transunion has done is to provide a lot of usable information about the dispute process.

    The company offers help through their customer assistance via phone and email. In comparison with the two major bureaus, consumers do find Trans Union to be trustworthy. In the same note they say the main reason for this is because the company covers all bases and leaves nothing to chance. None of the other major bureaus was able to provide quotes from its real users.


    One of the Transunion review did mention that they consider that credit monitoring service to be quite limiting since it only covers Transunion report and not the rest that comes from the other bureaus. The site did not explain more about how they are better off with using TrueCredit than the service coming from similar companies. In all fairness though, it is easy to navigate the TrueCredit site better than its competitors.

    They complaint about how TrueCredit failed to mention that it is outsourcing its services.  There are cases when customer service fails to meet the exact need of the individual. They believe that this is one of the factors that make it hard for a consumer to make a truly informed decision. Some say that some of its features particularly TrueCredit lacks some features that can be found elsewhere.


    Transunion was able to present its best features better than its competitors. It is on the right track and the consumers that it serves hopes it stays this way. There is always room for improvement. As this company continues to listen to its consumers, the company can initiate changes to make its service better. With its quick response to consumer concern and easy to understand report it was given the thumbs up by any of its loyal consumers. After all, it cannot survive 40 years of service if it was not adapting to changes as it should.