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    Free Score Finder Reviews- How to Avoid Bad Credit ood credit is emphasized as the main ticket to more affordable interest rates and for a good reason. After Conducting this Free score finder review, we have arrived to a conclusion that Getting Free Score Finder services can be a very good idea for most individuals. Getting the once a […]

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    Free Score Finder Reviews- How to Avoid Bad Credit


    ood credit is emphasized as the main ticket to more affordable interest rates and for a good reason. After Conducting this Free score finder review, we have arrived to a conclusion that Getting Free Score Finder services can be a very good idea for most individuals. Getting the once a year credit report can help the person know where his ratings stand. If in case he finds out that his scores are low he will try to improve these. For those who are suffering from bad credit out of ignorance or carelessness seeing the reports is a wake up call.

    For people who have availed of Free Score Finder services they are given instant unlimited access to their scores because this company works closely with the credit bureaus and is operated by one of them: TransUnion, a world leader when it comes to monitoring reports. Get daily monitoring alerts. This actually will help alert the person when there are changes to his records. He can be protected from identity theft by this company’s efficient monitoring system against fraud and identity theft. Get the privilege of having access to all of the main bureaus credit report by using just one service.

    Get the privilege of having access to all of the main bureaus credit report

    Free Score Finder has emphasized the truth that getting one’s own report will not hurt his ratings. Not all people know this, but it is a well known fact that is not hidden to the public. What will likely hurt the individual’s rating is when another person inquires on for the individual concern like in the case of applying for a car loan or credit card. These are categorized as hard inquiries. Learn more about what will and what will not work for the scores.

    Credit Myths

    Common Credit Myths

    One of the most favorite subjects among the public is about how to manage credit. This is because of the present financial environment that was damage because of recession. It is true that bad credits do affect the way loans are approved but some myths are just myths. For those who think that they have been paying promptly their reports are safe they are sadly mistaken. First, there is a need to check the reports. Are they really accurate and without any mistakes? Second, is the person not subjected to identity theft? The sad truth is that some individuals find that their scores are not high enough for the loan application that they are after.

    Another myth says that checking credit report will affect the scores. This is stretching the truth in another direction. There is a big if, if the person will inquire on his own report this will not affect his credit but if somebody else do so then he has a good reason to worry. Still another myth states that the person must pay his old debts. The truth is that if the credit happened seven years ago, this should not be included in the report. Cases of defaults and similar subjects will only stay in the record for six years.

    Using a debt settlement company will make the situation better. This is a lie, the first thing that this company will do is to collect the payments from the individual and hold this for a period of time until it is big enough to settle with. The big issue here is until the debt is fully paid, this strategy will result to bad scores. On top of this the harassing calls from creditors will not stop. Some say closing a credit card after the debt was paid will help to increase the ratings. This will actually hurt the scores since it reduces the history.

    Bankruptcy ends all traces of hope for score improvement. The truth is that this is a painful process that takes about 7 to 10 years until it is removed from the report. The untold truth is that after the end of the time period this is removed from the report and working to improve scores will increase it. A floating myth that continues up to this day says that by employing the help of credit repair agencies the reports can be fixed. The truth is that by law, no one can force the bureaus to remove the items

    Improve Your Credit Scores

    How to Improve Credit Scores

    The first step in improving the scores starts by understanding it main composition. The payment history shows the payments made on time and those that were late. The second important factor that affects these ratings is the credit balance. Simply put, this is the amount owed.  For practical intent and purposes, an individual should try his best to owe below the limit. He must avoid maxing out his card.

    Credit history will reveal how long this account exists. It shows new and old credit line and the kinds of credit. Have mistakes on the report corrected. It is actually not a difficult process to get a copy of the report and see if there are discrepancies there. Once it is corrected it must be reflected on the report. It would be normal to enjoy a better standing when it comes to the ratings.

    Never listen to advice that involves unscrupulous offers. It is surprising how some people who are desperate for better scores would resolve to such tactics. Paying often is a good new habit to adopt.  Avoid opening new accounts all at the same time. This will reflect as a hard inquiry that can drag the scores down. A good technique is to decrease spending. Live simply and have a clear goal for the future. If planning to apply for a big loan for a home or new car better prepare ahead of time. Improving the scores before applying for one can mean better interest rates. Better save some money if this is the goal. This may somehow lessen the amount needed for the loan for this big ticket item. This is not actually a trick but it helps, make sure to spend just enough.

    Free Score Finder Reviews


    According to some Free Score Finder reviews this company gives useful tips on how checking scores can protect the person from any untoward situation. Still on the same note, another Free Score Finder review mentioned how fast and easy it is to file for a refund from this company. These refunds are pro-rated on the current subscription period based on the number of days left on the billing cycle. This is a great convenience and practical arrangement for both this company and the individual.

    The site is easy to navigate and the contents easy to understand. Free Score Finder is transparent enough to let the public know its terms and conditions as well as other related matter. They have also place a sample report on the site in order to give people a glimpse on what they will enjoy as a member of this service.


    In one of the Free Score Finder Review it was mentioned how when compared to those offered by this competitor the monthly service fee is higher. The site information regarding how much it would cost should be designed in such a way that the price is displayed with the credit report offer on the homepage. This leaves the consumer to search for the price that he needs to pay for the service.

    The trial membership was said too be awfully short. It could have been extended for at least 15 days. This company places the important detail in small print rather than easier to read font informing the individual that after the end of the trial period and the service was not cancelled, he will be charged the normal monthly fees. Some consider this as sleazy marketing. The monthly fee could be worth it if it includes credit resolution services than just plain monitoring service.

    This company has less than average customer service that failed to address the individual’s concern. Some say they feel they have been scammed because their subscription was not cancelled before the end of the trial period.


    Free Score Finder helps to monitor good credit to ensure that it is accurate. Its fraud and identity theft services both benefits the consumer to help him avoid being subjected to fraud. Every monitoring service can be improved as long any company will listen to what their consumers are saying. Focusing on what the company stands for will remind the decision makers to continually give good service. After all, it is what makes a company successful. It is also the consumer’s job to be well-informed.

    Free Score Finder is not a scam. They do reveal that members are only required to pay after the end of the trial period. Remember that amidst all these things it is better to have good scores since it opens a field of great opportunities, good deals and better interest rates.

    Being given the privilege to monitor all reports will give the individual confidence that he is safe from the “unknown”. The monthly membership is inexpensive considering that all the scores and reports coming from the three main bureaus are included in just one service. Having total peace of mind cannot be bought.