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    Traffic Planet Hosting gives visitors the best hosting experience, positive and compelling Traffic Planet Hosting reviews given by current users, offers dedicated WordPress hosting which means speed is optimize to the best way it can, there are just a few hosting services out there that can offer dedicated WordPress hosting this way, straight forward business plan containing relevant details, after submitting the request, Traffic Planet Hosting Servers will start to keep you connected right away.

    What We Disliked:

    Some Traffic Planet Hosting review share how some users can actually dislike paying for more, some users are not impress with the simplified control panel for managing your account, there are actually different views regarding this,

    When it is time to look for a reliable WP hosting when the site experiences a major rise in visitors it is the right time to avail of the best WordPress Hosting service. Traffic Planet Hosting Servers can afford to speed up the connection better than those offered by cheap website hosting services. In this case you get what you pay for and so much more. Availing of this fast hosting provider is worth every penny. This webhost can offer server configurations that shared hosting does not. Traffic Planet Hosting review proves that there is a major difference between getting a shared host and a truly dedicated one. There is no need to experience longer downtime because this host offers free site migration within 24 hours. Nothing goes faster than this.

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    Traffic Planet Hosting Review – Superb Web Hosting

    There are various reasons why you will likely love the idea of switching through this web host. Mainly it is about making the site load faster. If this is a goal or dream that you have for your website using this site will actually help 2016-01-20_1622you do good. There are certain tools that you can use to test the speed of this site. The speed is more than 100 percent with few extras thrown in. This web host will allow your site to handle large volume traffic spikes. There are actually programs on the internet that will allow you to use virtual users to see the effect of having such a server to back you up. There is also that up time assurance.

    Hosting Provider

    Traffic Planet Hosting

    Speed matters all the time. This will level up your user experience and the way that Google look and ranks your site. It all boils down to the choosing the right web host. This is one of the factors that can either make or break your 2016-01-20_1623_002experience as a site owner. Here are some steps on how to make your web hosting experience soar.

    Step by Step Guide on Using Traffic Planet Hosting Services

    • After sign up 5 minutes or just a few minutes later the team from this host will start to migrate data
    • 2 hours after migration the site is ready to go
    • Sign up through Namecheap account
    • Switch nameservers and you are good to go as easy as a breeze
    • Do verify if everything from your data was loaded properly. This is the test drive phase
    • Re-configure W3 Total Cache plugin. By the way this web host has settings specifically set to enhance this experience


    Traffic Planet Hosting Servers

    Traffic Planet Hosting review shows you how a fast and super-efficient server can make your site run without a hitch. Visitors to your site will not be disappointed whenever they visit your site because it is always online. Issues about site unavailability is not part of what this web hosting can offer you with. They would like to keep their good rate and record regarding 100 percent uptime.


    Traffic Planet Hosting Customer Support

    For so long a time Traffic Planet Hosting reviews continually reveal that they are impress with support so far. Customer experience is good with fast ticket resolution. Response time took only 5 minutes. This is better than what other host offer like at least an hour or 24 hours response time. Instant Live Chat no waiting time. Some other services can only offer an average from 10 to 15 minutes response time during peak hours.

    Traffic Planet Hosting Review


    This web host offers a simplified control panel that allows you to do the following:

    • Check on your disk space. This will give you a clear idea just how much bandwidth or space your site eats up so that if in case you need more you can always place a request
    • Easy to install WordPress domains
    • You can create email and FTP accounts
    • You can build up new databases
    • Less clutter than cPanel




    Not all people are convince that the price is enough to justify posting Traffic Planet Hosting reviews. Although to be fair some of the cheap companies cannot deliver a great service like this one does. Some refer to this host as a good host for money making sites. This is the reputation given for this host.


    Because Traffic Planet Hosting has paved the way, other popular web host have followed this example to offer their version of dedicated WordPress hosting plans. However, there is nothing that can compare to the original and 2016-01-20_1624_001the Best WordPress Hosting service and this is it. Maybe this time it is time to give up the reluctance in moving to another site or what experts refer to as migration. This only poses a problem if the site owner is not that technically verse in how to move his site.

    If you are afraid that being technically challenge this can prevent you from switching to another reliable WP hosting service then don’t with such a fast hosting provider and a reliable one to boot it is so easy to make the switch.Traffic Planet Hosting reviews coming from current users will prove this base on statistics given. Being non-techie in this case will not hold you back to want more for your growing visitors’ base. Moving website does not mean that it will cost more with the right team to back you up and in this case this is the host to do just that.

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