The Economist Subscription Review – The World in 2015

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    What We Liked:

    the Economist is one of the well-respected newsmagazine the world  , its original leading articles covers a diversified area of coverage , this newsmagazine covers general news, free trade principles, political economy, parliamentary report, law reports, foreign topic, agricultural and commercial topics

    What We Disliked:

    The paper’s treatment of economics presumes that readers are familiar with the fundamental concept of economics.

    For most readers, the candidness of presenting the news through language that anyone can understand does make this highly educational news magazine a must have in every household and business establishments. Time Magazine which is one of its competitors looks more of a weekly reader when compared to The Economist. By showing the different facets not just of world economics but, the factor that are at play, this news magazine has elevated the news to an art form. Even consumers recognize the truth in the contents of this news magazine. That consumers are acting out as endorsers by word of mouth. Some consumers are even hoping that they can see these kind of news on TV.

    The slim compact look makes this newspaper better than the volume laden newspaper or magazines sold in the market today. If one can describe this news magazine the word to use is that the contents are straight to the point, brief and concise. There is no running around in circles but, going straight to the heart of the matter. People do appreciate this type of news. That even readers are saying that this is the best magazine in the whole world. It goes to show, that this newspaper has managed to capture the heart of its readers no matter where they are in the world.

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    The Economist Subscription Review – The World in 2015 

    the economist


    he Economist is one of the well-respected newsmagazine the world over for a lot of good reasons. It was in 1843 when the world was introduce to what then was referred to as newspaper that is unlike no other. For one, according to the economist reviews this is far from an ordinary newspaper. It is the name that gives this impression of being confined to the discussion of purely economics and related news alone. Once you delve into the pages of The Economist this misconception is rectified.

    This newsmagazine stands in being unpredictable by supporting all views

    The Economist weekly newsmagazine continues to offer innovative changes in the world of economics and more. Even today, its original leading articles covers a diversified area of coverage. However, this newspaper focuses on thirteen areas that readers would love to know more about. This newsmagazine covers general news, free trade principles, political economy, parliamentary report, law reports, foreign topic, agricultural and commercial topics. As a newsmagazine, philosophical views are leaning towards liberalism instead of conservatism.

    To add to this exciting concept, the Economist reviews shares how individual contributors take diverse views about certain issues. Liberalism when defined according to the economist group means being open in recognizing such social issues as that of gay marriages, legalizing drugs and similar controversial issues that face society today. This newsmagazine stands in being unpredictable by supporting all views. It is never afraid to show corruption and dishonesty in politics. It was relentless in promoting what it believes in like calling for Bill Clinton’s impeachment and Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation.


    The Economist 

    The Economist The Economist is far from a newspaper that only discuss issues related to economics alone. It is not surprising to know that this newspaper has been hailed as one of most competent yet subtle Western periodicals with regards to public affairs. You will appreciate its economic and financial information. Even if there are individual columns the current practice is to ensure that the voice that everybody hears is uniform as if the articles are all written by just one author alone.  According to the Economist reviews state that about two thirds of the journalists’ staff are based in London.


    What is the Economist? 

    The Economist is a weekly newspaper written in English and owned by the Economist Group. All editing is done in their London office. As early as 1843, Economist founder James Wilson was responsible for the continuous publication of this newspaper. Even if it referred to as a newspaper for the sake of history, the Economist actually appears as glossy paper that look like a news magazine. In the United States alone, the economist subscription runs to about 1.5 million. This statistics was taken in 2006 alone, you have to consider how it is now 2015 and with the rate that it’s going, it will not be surprising that the current economist subscription now runs to more than these figures. This newspaper is also offering the Economist digital subscription and the Economist Student subscription as well. This only proves and show that there is a subscription that will cater to your needs as a consumer. Subscription can be cancelled by customer service. Any unserved issues will be charge with credit card at the price indicated. 

    What is the Economist?

    The Economist Subscription

    The Economist SubscriptionThe economist subscription will entitle you to enjoy the contents previously discuss earlier. This comes with inquiries and correspondence from readers. This newsmagazine even includes a commercial gazette that offers weekly prizes and statistics. There are still more issues that you will find interesting when you avail of the economist subscription. Even the economist student subscription offers a wide range of topics that students would find interesting. Each of the paper’s issues range from Saturday to the following Friday. The Economist UK for instance have their printed copies dispatched late Thursday to be delivered the day after that.

    Circulation is in millions with the Economist subscription from The Economist India, The Economist Canada, The Economist Australia, The Economist Italy to name a few. This only proves that this paper has managed to gain the Economist subscription from different parts of the globe as shown by active subscribers from the Economist Brazil to the Economist Singapore. Whether people live in Asia they subscribed to The Economist China, The Economist Malaysia, The Economist Hong Kong and as far as The Economist France and the Economist South Africa. The point is that The Economist is everywhere.

    This paper has managed to invade the internet as well with the presence of it’s the Economist subscription deals which makes this offer that attractive. It is now easy to purchase the Economist PDF and download this on your device whether it’s an iPhone or iPad. Presumably in the midst of sticking towards certain rules, one thing is clear this paper is not afraid of innovation and the changes associate with it. By the way it is so easy to download the Economist PDF which is just like downloading Apps. 

    The Economist PDF 

    The Economist PDF Print publishing is viewed as a complicated process. After all, it takes a lot of preparation just to put ink on paper. Electronic books are viewed as the future of books hence the name given to it as eBooks. It takes little less effort when producing eBooks like the Economist PDF downloads. The Economist PDF like all types of PDFs are offshoots of the printing process. Producing the Economist PDF is similar to printing in a lot of aspects. The design layout must look similar to that of a printed page.

    This paper has even launch its guide to writing through it’s the Economist PDF Style Guide. At first glance, the title of the Economist PDF looks like a guide to fashion however, in this case it is about the proper use of English in terms of writing. The Economist books like this gives a general advice on grammar, punctuation, abbreviation and contains an extensive range of reference materials. This is just the sample of things to come with the Economist PDF free downloadable. The Economist PDF is offered this way to give customers a free taste of what people can expect when they subscribed to this paper. 

    The Economist Student Subscription 

    The Economist Student Subscription Students are given the special discount of $3.25 a week to gain full access to the official website of this paper which includes access to this paper on audio form. With this amount gain access to each week’s issue via the apps which can be used in different kinds of device like iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows 8, Chrome, Blackberry and Kindle Fire. This will help students save as much as 57% off as compared to the newsstand price for this paper. For a limited time offer, they are offering this digital subscription for 1 year subscription. If availing of the 6 months subscription. Pay only $3.45 per week and save as much as 55 percent as compared to the newsstand price. This offer comes with money back guarantee for the unconsumed issues.


    The Economist Review 

    Since 1843, this paper is delivering weekly international news and business publication that concerns the world. World political and business leaders all read this magazine. No wonder in March 2014, circulation run up to more than 1.5 million. This is the magazine of choice for a clear analysis of global business and current affairs. Visitors can expect to be bombarded by a lot of information about news, analysis, columns, blogs and other forms of multi-media. The site also provides subscribers a good research ground because of the available range of tools and data found on it. Subscribers are given full access even to searchable archive and even the audio edition of this newspaper. The Economist Espresso delivers the global agenda for the day whether it is about business, politics and finances. These information is delivered either through the email inbox or smartphone on a daily basis.

    The Economist Group 

    The Economist Group This group is said to be a leader when it comes to analyzing business and world affairs. The information that this group brings can come in various formats depending on subscriber’s preference. Whether these are through newspapers, magazines, electronic services and even conferences. Whatever subscribers choose they are assured of getting an original insight and opinion about certain issues that affects the economy of the world and the political freedom of the citizens that live in each country. The success of this group lies in the fact that as a brand it is compose of high quality independent analysis. This group continues to deliver a compelling view of the world through multiple platforms. One of the foremost provided of country healthcare works closely with this group. The Intelligence Unit includes two healthcare companies that works on life science domain. The main thrust of this specific group under this company is to collect clinical evidence on treatment that will allow decision makers to see the effectiveness of this methods thus, get value for money.

    This group recognizes the fact that certain issues affect the world in general. This group considers each of its staff as its family member. As a member of this universal family it serves as the commentator, interpreter and even forecaster of things that will happen around the world as seen from an economist point of view. Member of this group includes EuroFinance which is a leading global provider offering cash management, treasury and risk conferences and training around the globe. This group has its government brands that bring up to date news and insights about senior decision makers in the seat of the US government.

    Ideas People media is launched to reach millions of people in the US and other parts of the world. This is a tie up with 60 award winning publishers. Ideas People media includes digital television network, mobile service to reach people who are on the go and a branding tool that can be use by those who are running for government that can influence people who will vote for these people who are running for power. This group has also acquired TVC, a London based digital marketing agency. TVC is known for being able to create content that can really capture audience interest. 

    The Economist India 

    economist India_newThe tagline for India is to “get a world view weekly” this clearly explains how this paper is right there acting like a sentinel over the latest events taking place in this country. The tagline aptly describes what’s in store for subscribers of this paper in India. For those who are planning to invest on India, this paper carries the story on what specific industry is booming in India. Among the things to specifically watch out for when it comes to doing business in India are the following: mobile telecoms, infrastructure projects and a lot more. However, the big issue is not this but, India’s labor law. Where people must be protected from the impact of being jobless.

    According to the paper, India has a rare opportunity of evolving into a country that will likely experience a huge and dynamic economic growth. It is the right time since China’s economy is slowing down. Brazil is in stagnated inflation. South Africa has issues on corruption and inefficient governance while Russia is in recession. It is India’s time to shine however, in order to fly with its wings it must shed the legacy of the government’s counter-productive policy. Suffice it to say that at this point the economy is in stable footing and is gaining momentum. 

    The Economist Brazil 

    Brazil is facing recession, one of the reasons is that Brazilians are against Dilma Rousseff’s administration. More than a million Brazilians march in protest of his leadership. Dilma is right now struggling to re-launch his presidency. Even in the face of scandal, Brazil is making progress against a plague. The price of oil has bounced back but, it is a long way to recovery. At this point, Brazil is facing what experts call as an economic rut. Kibitzers are saying that this Latin America’s star is now facing a huge mess and it is worse than the one it face back in the early 1990s.

    The mistakes made by Dilma is now being felt all over Brazil. His second term will not be smooth sailing. In fact, he can expect rough weather ahead as evidence by protesters. Even so, Brazil has launch its anti-poverty program where the goal is to help the poorest of the poor. Developing countries like Brazil are following what developed countries are doing. The point of this is to help the citizens of the country so that none of the citizens will be left that destitute. Other issues discuss in the printed edition were in reference to why commodity exporters are coping better even if they are offering lower prices compared to their competition.  The use of this method keeps foreign cash floods in and well paid jobs are made. 

    The Economist Canada 

    In the past, the economic growth was in the West however it is not shifting back to the economic heartland. It is common knowledge that whoever controls the oil controls political power. In terms of unemployment rate Canada has a relatively low rate of 6.7 percent. Even if the energy slump boost some parts of the country, in other parts of Canada some citizens who are unemployed are depress for obvious reasons. Even oil rich Alberta, will enter recession even in the midst of its quick rise to economic growth for the previous 20 years. According to economic analysis, Ontario is said to replace Alberta in terms of economic growth.

    Lower bank rates can encourage consumers who are laden with debt. Regarding migrants who are regionally selected they are sent to specific regions where they are needed the most. Even America is using the same approach even if some parts of America offers no work they still want immigrants where these immigrants will buy homes and pay local taxes. It is a matter of careful planning. There are foreign investors like Target who has filed for bankruptcy which means approximately 17,600 people will be without a job. Target has suffered from losses amounting to $5.4 billion. The final straw came when the holiday sales did not generate expected sales. The reason for its failure is because the Canadian branch did not offer the same low prices like it did in America hence customers went elsewhere. There is also that issue about cut throat competition among retailers.

    The Economist Australia 

    Derek_Bacon_illustration_20110528_CAP400It’s not just about politics and economics alone since the Australian edition of this paper tackles other issues like those in the world of sports. In every country where this paper is sold, like in Australia; the articles talk about the closes topics and issues that affects Australians. Australians is known for being fond of cricket. Even game theory and assessment of the game is reported. Topics about renewable energy was also discuss in recent issues.

    A focus on economics like how Australia which once has a booming economy and right now struggling with low commodity prices are discuss. Politics are presented as political debates on TV with its interesting account of live showdowns made by candidates of these political parties. Climate change is also given focus on Australia’s web only article, referring to weather changes and how this causes lack of rain resulting to drought. The way that these changes in weather conditions affect crops and ultimately the economy of Australia is also given focus as well.

    Even such frightening events like the terrorism attack during the siege of Martin Place was tackled both for printed edition as well as web only versions of this paper. Moving on, printed edition kept its focus on the drones and how these can be transformed from its used in the armed forces into commercial use. The topic is shifted into Estate agents and how the internet has wiped out some of them and yet surprisingly there are those that remain. 

    The Economist UK 

    An issue that has delivered several mixed reactions about religion and freedom of speech takes the top of the recent listings for news from the UK. Mobile mergers that are draws more favor for shareholders than consumers take a spot. Still, issues about Britain inflation where a zero inflation is causing headache for the Bank of England. The coalition government recent roller coaster ride with its budget proposals was pegged into the limelight. After having suffered from two years of gloom, enjoying this recent economic success was posted under Free Exchange edition of this newspaper.

    Focus was also given to another country; Canada that are actively fighting against terrorism the same way that UK is. How Israel’s birth is still considered to be a long winding road. How successive generations learn more about rising terrorism in the Middle East. The biggest newsmakers are drawing comments like a magnet to flies. Analysis of Britons genes dispels some of the known myths and further proves some of that the results are correct. Printed editions focuses on free exchange and how bigger firms are creating an imbalance in the market place where bigger firms are swallowing up the small ones. The result is a rising inequality.

    The Economist France 

    This paper offers an authoritative insight about international news that affects France as well. This is seen in how Germany was place in the limelight for emerging as a diplomatic force to reckon with. Anti-Semitism and the rise of a new hatred towards Jews in Europe are raising new worries. With the recent Paris terror attacks it is not surprising why the French people are reacting this way. One of the most talked about issues is about ant vaccine scare stories that draw a different opinion between the media and politicians.

    One of the recent news was about 150 people who were onboard a plane that went down in Southern France killing all of those onboard. On local news, French politics were acknowledging the rise of Marine Le Pen and how France mainstream was reacting to this. When the results came in, she did not won but lost to Mr. Sarkozy. However, this did not dampened her enthusiasm on building a stronger base. This was in preparation for the 2017 elections. Printed editions were talking about France and Muslim and how the use of apartheid by the French Minister has provoke unfavorable reactions.

    The Economist China 

    281619-the-economist-for-ipadThe focus of the paper is on the when China and Tibetan Buddhist were involve in a spat, it all boils down to differences in opinion. China is on the world stage when America wrongfully obstruct China’s Asian infrastructure bank even if it says that America welcomes China’s ascent to power. China’s Dalai Lama died in 1933 however the spiritual leader’s body has been known to change its position. When once his body face south. Twice, however it turned its head to the east. The question is more on how the Dalai Lama can legitimize its rule in Tibet.

    Regarding China and Taiwan relationship, the bottom line is that China is sending its warnings towards Taiwan’s opposition candidate even before the elections for next year is here. More on China, the mighty dollar still feels superior. One policy maker towers above the rest. America’s Central bank presides over a $17 Million dollar economy showing the strength of this green bucks. Furthermore, the Asian infrastructure Investment Bank helps China in winning friends over. They are helping to influence even American allies. More on Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank where America and Britain are at odds on how to deal with China.

    Printed editions also release the issue about the use of organs from executed prisoners as an alternative to organ donation. Officials were against the use of these organs and are proposing to control the use of these organs taken from these executed felons. On the economy, at the start of the year, growth looks weaker however, government is playing its cards even in the midst of seemingly bad beginnings. China will remain as Asia’s dominating manufacturer. It is hard act to follow which makes it harder for other countries to compete with. 

    The Economist Hong Kong 

    Hong Kong may be recognize as the world’s free shopping mecca however, residents are not so happy about these. Protests were made about mainland shoppers and the problems that they face. The issue is more about the excessively crowded shopping areas that makes it difficult for shoppers to enjoy this favorite Asian pastime. More on protesters, pro-Democracy protesters may be disperse but, the troubles are far from over. There is still political unrest in this side of Asia. It took an 11 week stand off before protesters gave up their stance as the Hong Kong police clears the area of protesters. Countries are beginning to share more information so that opportunities of funneling away cash abroad will begin to trickle down.

    Both Hong Kong and Taiwan are dissatisfied with China which explains the protesters. The polls reflect this dissatisfaction. The surprising thing is that the source of their dissatisfaction are almost the same. The protest in Hong Kong begin to fuel Taiwan’s distrust of China. The city leaders are showing their concern on how democracy can be used to lend power to the poor. This power can be abused. The amazing thing is that since late last year, protesters take a stance and then repeat their protest after a few months of hibernation on the same issue that they are fighting for.

    The Economist Singapore 

    The nation mourn the first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew’s death. Those who live in Singapore felt that impact of his legacy during the time when he was leading this nation. He made Singapore a paragon of development. Taiwan and Singapore are showing support for each other as Taiwan’s President visited Singapore. One of the biggest topic that got the attention of subscribers of this paper are about how Singapore was able to gain its independence. Another worthwhile topic is regarding the present mania that is taking a grip on Asia through reclaiming of land from the sea.

    Reforms were called for those who work for the government. Rethinking the reward for civil servants in exchange for their service. The proposal was to dangle these rewards like big carrots following the principle of how to make a rabbit jump. Other issues that may not affect the economy but, affects Singapore is about the 162 people who are feared to be lost when an Indonesian airliner goes missing while it was en route to Singapore. Other controversial topics like the growing support of gay rights in Singapore. 

    The Economist Italy 

    Italy is said to develop strained relations with Russia. Leaders of the European Union are meeting this month to discuss the economic sanctions place on Russia after its annexation of Crimea last year. Italians fear the arrival of Islamic extremist on its shores. Even immigrants from Libya are viewed with skepticism in relation to this fear. In the midst of all of this issue, Surveys were made regarding Europe’s economy and how this affects not only the world but, Italy as well. Syriza’s victory was said to be a welcome relief and at the same time is considered to be a blow to austerity. Syriza’s victory in the Greek elections were felt not only in Italy, but all over Europe as well. In the world of sports, Italian football is viewed not just for the trophies or honor that it gives to this nation and the players.

    On to lighter stories, even if fast food chains are losing their customers, one sector of the food industry still remains to thrive. Italians love Take away pizza. This is one of the reasons why this business remains strong despite of the setbacks suffered by other businesses who are part of the Italian food industry scene. Still on the food scene, Chocolatier King Michele Ferrero dies during Valentine’s Day at the ripe old age of 89. Chocolate lovers in Italy mourn his passing.

    The Economist Malaysia

    Politics in Malaysia are gathering steam. This is one of the problems that Malaysia’s Prime Minister needs to face. The printed edition talks about teacher recruitment that can attract the brightest and ambitious graduates to spread around the world. By doing so they are expressing a strong message that it makes a huge difference when these graduates work in poor schools. It is clearly not just about the money for these educators. It is more about what they can contribute to the society.

    Malaysia’s highest court has a dark side as shown by the jailing of Anwar Ibrahim. After taking more than four months to finally make a decision, Malaysia’s court came up with its verdict and critics are showing their opinion that this looks like it was scripted. Barack Obama’s

    The Economist South Africa 

    South African tourism is killing the golden goose that lays these golden opportunity. The inept new rules are bad for tourism. Mercenaries in this part of the world are ban from gaining fortune this way. South Africa is still struggling on how they will ban these soldiers who are gaining more cash by offering their services for rent to the highest bidder. Land ownership is about taking a populist stance in land reform. While democracy as an institution is being tested and found to be fragile. More casual fast food restaurant are offering choicer chicken and better burgers. While issues on South Africa’s electricity crisis takes power cuts and compares this to challenge tempers. 

    The Economist Articles

    20110108_brp001The Economist review shares how articles takes an editorial approach without a byline most of the time. This is how anonymous the real author is since there is a long standing tradition that the editor’s will only sign their article at the end of their tenure. This is the only time that you will get to see who the real author is. This means you got to solve a piece of this puzzle that is if you have availed of the Economist subscription. Otherwise you will keep on guessing about his or her identity.

    The only time that authors are given names is when notable persons are ask to contribute their piece. There are also other special cases like when this paper complies its special report which by the way according to the Economist review was referred to as surveys. Other exceptions to this are online blogs which show the initials of the writer and those that come from personal websites which gives credit to the author of that site. The Economic review shares how editors find it necessary to keep their identity intact to show that they are that of a collective voice showing a personality common even in the midst of different journalist identities. This also makes this a collective effort where everybody works together as one organism even if it’s in reality an entire organization. The Economist review notices how authors refer to themselves as correspondent or reviewer.

    The Economist Books 

    Knowledge - lightBooks of the year are sold through this company. This are the highly commendable ones that affect not just people from a certain country but, the world in general. The books that are included in this much coveted listing includes those that affect political and current affairs. It also helps that the titles are quite catchy. A great example is a book entitled: The People’s Republic of Amnesia which is about the bloodshed in Beijing. Other interesting covers are: Tyranny of Silence: How One Cartoon Ignited a Global Debate on the Future of Free Speech.

    Some books like The Accidental Opening of the Berlin Wall draws an account of the birth of modern Germany where East Germans are given greater freedom to travel. This started a revolution of a different order that allowed the tearing down of these walls. There are a lot of great topics as book topics posted under the official website for this newspaper. The books produce the reaction that it wants to have eliciting varied reactions from readers as it want to. The diversity of the books being recommended by this newspaper are usually those that are known for the controversial topics that it promotes. By the way these books are generally offered on Amazon.

    The Economist Digital Subscription 

    digital subscriptionDifferent areas of the world have different emails and contact phone number on where to send issues on digital subscription. These are helpfully divided into regions like if the subscriber is from any of these countries/regions of the world: North America, UK, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Mexico and Asia Pacific. Each of these regions have each toll free numbers and specific email addresses to ensure a speedy processing of the request made.

    The digital subscription also includes the Economist Traveller Briefings that offer valuable insight for those who love to travel around the world. There are certain countries that are included in these briefings like Brazil, China, France, Japan, Australia, India, South Korea, Russia and South Africa. These Digital apps shows the Economist articles that talks about politics, people and the culture of the country being viewed. The information given on this digital apps includes the country’s economy and marketplace. Those who are traveling for business will find this digital apps helpful. The topics covered in these digital apps includes a historical coverage of that country covered by this paper. These apps are easy to navigate and will allow social sharing. However, there are certain restrictions because this Traveller Briefings app is only available for iOS and Android tablets. There may be a need to download interactive PDFs that can read these briefings on other devices like smartphones for instance. 

    The Economist Subscription Deals 

    Even this paper is not immune to subscription deals. Get digital subscription by paying only less than $5 per week. This subscription includes being given full access to the official website and even for this paper in audio form. With this amount, gain access to the week’s issue via Apps. A new feature recently introduce is a morning briefing delivered straight to the smartphone or inbox. Avail of super great deals by paying only less than $5. This can be set to auto-renew for every 12 weeks thereafter. This will help subscribers save as much as 39 percent. Save more by as much as 43 percent when subscribing for one year which means paying just $4.35 a day. There are better offers of as much as 48 percent when subscribing for two years. Pay only $3.99 for this privilege. Opting for a 3 year subscription will give 52 percent savings. Pay only $3.70 per week.



    The Economist Pros 

    The Economist Pros There will be times when the group will get in touch with subscribers about special offers for market research purposes this will not include the selling of email addresses to third parties. According to the Economist review this is one of protecting data information of subscribers. Part of protecting consumer data is about asking customers if they will allow this company to contact through their preferred means of communication. Simply leave the boxes un-tick. The different centres for this paper are available to offer technical assistance across its digital platform.

    Subscribing to this paper digitally means providing customer care with complete name, full mailing address and the eight digit customer reference number. When purchases are made via iTunes confirming the email address on the paper’s account will help user gain access to this digital book. To ensure that this eBook can be downloaded properly, provide the type of device use, OS or operating system version. If in case technical issues are encountered during the downloading, sharing the exact steps will guide the customer support on the exact problem being seen. It would help if screen shots or error messages received are forwarded via email to the customer support centre.

    The Economist review on iPad has been given the thumbs up. Since the font can be resize depending on the readers’ vision, this means it is easier to read as compared to its printed version. However, there are still some improvements that can be done like the inconsistent downloads. It comes across as not being able to live up to its promise. However, to be fair, who can complaint if it’s not perfect? Commendations are in order for this paper that manages to use excellent writing to make it less painful for readers to know about the issues facing each part of the world today.

    In addition to this those who love to read the online version can do so although going digital has made this news magazine more accessible. It is only fair that subscribers will gain access to other details that online readers cannot see. After all, paid is still different from free in any industry. The Free excerpts are for those who are contented to just read what’s being given for free. However, for those who would love to keep seriously updated about what is happening in different parts of the world like those who are in business and politics will likely choose the paid subscription.  One thing is certain this paper does not promote any political view but instead presents news as it is without being bias about it.


    The Economist Cons 

    The paper’s treatment of economics presumes that readers are familiar with the fundamental concept of economics. This means the paper will no longer find time to explain the terms or common jargons use like macroeconomics and demand curve to name a few.  The Economist review refers to the concept of having uniform voice as being perceived as dry wit and clinical use of language. This means the aim of the paper is to make itself accessible to the educated layman. In this aspect according to the Economist review this paper looks snobbish and confined only for exclusive use of those who belong to the elite.

    The Economist review mentions how the attempts of this paper at witticism is receiving a lukewarm mixed response from the readers. Some are somewhat amuse while others can only raise their eyebrows. The Economist review given by readers were both positive and negative.  The Economist review made by American author Michael Lewis criticizes the practice of editorial anonymity as a means to hide inexperienced writers of these articles. He was practically pointing out how some younger people are writing as if they are pretending to be old people. Because of this according to him, if American readers would see who are writing these articles they would gladly cancel the Economist subscription. The same thing can be said by those who have posted their Economist Student subscription, some might not believe what the paper is promoting if they learn that these are from people who are not real masters of economics. Therefore they lack experience and knowledge. Because of these The Economist subscription can be cancelled in large amounts.



    The-Economist-5-digital-option-jpgFor most readers, the candidness of presenting the news through language that anyone can understand does make this highly educational news magazine a must have in every household and business establishments. Time Magazine which is one of its competitors looks more of a weekly reader when compared to The Economist. By showing the different facets not just of world economics but, the factor that are at play, this news magazine has elevated the news to an art form. Even consumers recognize the truth in the contents of this news magazine. That consumers are acting out as endorsers by word of mouth. Some consumers are even hoping that they can see these kind of news on TV.

    The slim compact look makes this newspaper better than the volume laden newspaper or magazines sold in the market today. If one can describe this news magazine the word to use is that the contents are straight to the point, brief and concise. There is no running around in circles but, going straight to the heart of the matter. People do appreciate this type of news. That even readers are saying that this is the best magazine in the whole world. It goes to show, that this newspaper has managed to capture the heart of its readers no matter where they are in the world.

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