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    Using Crystal Wash 2.0 provides consumers to save on cash per year, Crystal wash balls proven to be as effective as laundry detergent, this product has the ability to sanitize clothes without bleach, environmentally-friendly, gentle on skin not just on fabrics alone, comes with 60 day money back guarantee, official website for Crystal Wash laundry assistant offers discounts, effective on stains both for colored laundry, when compared point by point to generic detergents, this product stands out, cash save on laundry amounts to 3 years’ worth of clean clothes,

    What We Disliked:

    Some Crystal Wash reviews show that how this product may not work on white however, it is just a small margin of a few points short of 5 stars, according to some Crystal Wash review if users love using perfume oils scent laundry stuff this is not the product for them,

    It all boils down to the question, does Crystal Wash work? Thankfully when compared to generic detergent that cost thrice what you pay for Crystal Wash Laundry this product is cheaper. At 1000 washes using Crystal Wash is indeed more affordable and just as effective if not more effective when compared to other forms of washes for clothes and different kinds of laundry. Best of all this product is not harsh on skin and clothes. The environment is a safer place thanks to this product. For those who have super sensitive skin this product does not have that smell of perfume or any artificial scents. Crystal Wash laundry review shows how since there no chemicals found in this product there is less danger of contracting any type of skin disease.
    Crystal Wash Laundry review works on most common stains from such stains that comes from these sources:
    • Coffee
    • Dirt
    • Ketchup

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    Crystal wash review – Detergent Alternatives

    Crystal wash reviewCrystal Wash Kickstarter points out the special features for this product that makes it stand out from the rest of other methods to have clean laundry. Some of the characteristics found in this product includes the following:

    • Great for those who have sensitive skin
    • Does not make colors fade at all, this means laundry will last longer in its present stay just like new
    • There are no overbearing scent that can irritate those who have sensitive skin
    • Produces that clean sweet smelling scent of freshness by 100 percent
    • Environmentally Friendly products because of its non-toxic and no chemical content
    • Removes bacteria without placing health at risk for those who do frequent laundry 


    What is crystal wash 

    For those who are not so familiar with what Crystal Wash 2.0 is all about, this product looks like balls that uses Bio Ceramics to produce the same cleansing as detergent without the harsh effects of using chemical detergents. These Crystal Wash balls according to Crystal Wash review simply relies on nature to produce a natural cleansing effect on clothes. For those who are used to the scent of perfume, this is not that kind of product. Clothes are clean and smell fresh however, there are no sweet scent perfume after scent like those found on fabric conditioner. The powers of the sun helps to seal the freshness in clothes and protects these clothes from bacteria. It is unbelievable how Crystal Wash makes a promise to give money back if within 60 days consumers are not satisfied with the results of using these high tech balls. 

    What is crystal wash

    Crystal wash 2.0 

    Crystal Wash Laundry review shows how with an average of at least 1 load per day, users can expect to use Crystal Wash 2.0 for at least 1000 times or 3 years. What is Crystal Wash? The process of cleansing starts when this product raises the levels of alkaline water. This procedure according to Crystal Wash Laundry review allows dirt and soil to come loose naturally. This product is great at producing that Hydrogen peroxide like effect that disinfects clothes from bacteria and even odors. This time though according to Crystal Wash review there are none of the chemicals involve during the cleansing process. Chemicals do build up on the environment and may affect the health of those who use them frequently. Current users are shifting to organic ways of cleansing clothes just like in the old days when detergent does not exists yet. Surprisingly, realizing the advantage of using natural means people are shifting into natural methods. 

    Crystal wash balls

    Crystal wash balls 

    It is the shape of the balls in Crystal Wash that simulates the cleansing effect of detergent granules. This time though one of the key benefits is to have cleaner clothes without endangering the health or the environment. It is no secret that the environment suffers from the residue and dirt made by consumers. The use of chemicals leaves behind these harsh stuff causing plants to die and at times causes water pollution. Other pollutants can indirectly cause certain bacteria to thrive and spread. When using Crystal Wash there is none of these negative effects on the environment because it is a natural as it is. 

    Crystal wash laundry 

    For those who cannot still understand the concept behind Crystal Wash 2.0 it is high time to do laundry in this modern age using technology. Before and after results coming from feedbacks leave behind states the effect of using a product like this. There is also that different satisfied customer Crystal Wash review stating how this product has allowed them to clean clothes and not feel guilty about endangering the environment. Some of those who have tried this product for the first time receive this as a gift. However, later on after enjoying the benefits of using Crystal Wash 2.0. 

    Crystal wash laundry

    Does crystal wash work? 

    For those who have tried using this product they did not realize how they can save hundreds of dollars after allowing clothes to be that clean even without the smell of perfume. Some Crystal Wash review coming from users are surprise just how unbelievable the concept is however, it does work. This solution works even in hard to erase stains like blood, chocolate or coffee. It will not be a surprise if it will work even on stains left behind by machine oil and similar stuff. This would be a must have even for those who have sons or daughters who are off to college or boarding school. Say goodbye to greasy stains. In some cases, for especially hard to remove stains adding a few drops of liquid soap will do the trick. There is no need to use bleaching agents.   

    Crystal wash reviews 

    There is always a great demand for alternative methods of cleaning clothes. There is always an interest on innovative laundry products and this product has all of these much needed properties. When these balls are left in the washing machine it increases the pH of water after 15 minutes of exposure. This is an important breakthrough because bacteria thrives from pH of 6.5 to 7.  If there is a product that can revolutionize the laundry industry this is just the right one to do just this. When place in a controlled environment and pitted against similar detergent the results show that this product is effective enough to make other products a run for their money.

    If there are certain deals that comes sweeter as days pass by this is that kind of deal. For those who love clean and fresh smelling clothes this is that kind of product that will produces these effects. On top of this it is eco-friendly. How’s that for guilt less pleasure of wearing clothes that are clean and safe for the environment? In does not hurt that the cost of owning such clean clothes is more affordable than those sold on the market today. At this rate, it is more practical to use a product like this than the standard detergent. Simply put, laundry without the harsh chemicals this is how one can describe the effect of using this product. 

    Crystal wash reviews


    Crystal Wash review are all praises for this smart home gizmo. The use of this technology looks like the laundry balls introduce during the 1990s. The difference this time though is that technology was use to elevate the experience for those who do their laundry. For those who are using Crystal Wash 2.0 for the very first time, the use of regular stain spray to deal with hard to remove stains. In general, using Crystal Wash works in most kinds of laundry. Using warm water is sufficient in making clothes smell fresh.

    The current update to Crystal Wash 2.0 is that this technology has include the use of Bluetooth to alert users when laundry cycle ends. The same alert shall also take effect when there is a need to charge the 2.0 version. The information given also includes these details:

    • On demand pH level reports
    • Monitors cleaning progress

    Think of this product as clean laundry without the detergent however, it is a different story when it comes to stain. This product does not deny the need for spray stain remover in case the stains are difficult to remove. By the way the two balls that comes when purchasing the product must always be use together for best results. Before using the ball again these must be allowed to sit in the sun for hours. It is like natural solar power absorption. The same sun kissed scent are carried into the clothes when these balls are used for laundry.

    These balls can be used in cold and hot cycles of the washing machine. These balls can tolerate these cycles. Even those who live in areas have hard water. This product still works on such kind of water. In terms of prices, these balls costs less than $60 and costs roughly 0.53 cents per load. When place on a comparison between the popular detergent and this product.



    This product does not work on some stains. Some Crystal Wash review states how it works just similar to the effect of hot water. However, for some particular stains like those from carbon, blood and cocoa Crystal Wash is effective in removing these. This simply means that there are stains where this product can work and in some cases it will not. There is a need for outside help like a few drops of liquid laundry to do the trick. However, there is no need for bleaching and similar stuff. This product does not work with yellowed armpits. Chemicals in this case works better. With slight setbacks this is just a minor issue for general laundry needs. 


    Conclusion The passion to change the way clothes are wash brought the birth of Crystal Wash in developing a product like this. When clothes are cleanse naturally it saves money while at the same time the condition of the clothes are preserve. In short, with the help of Crystal Wash 2.0 this product prolongs the life of clothes. From the concept itself, it is hard to imagine how to clean clothes without the use of chemicals and other similar stuff. Crystal Wash Kickstarter allows consumers to save on laundry detergent for at least 1000 washes. This product introduces Bio Ceramics to the world source from the earth to naturally clean clothes. Crystal Wash reviews shows that Bio-Ceramics were developed using various minerals that are effective against antibacterial and antioxidant. This is the very reason why the pH of water is change to clean clothes.

    Favorable conditions allows the water not to be too acidic or contain high levels of alkaline. In these conditions there is no danger of seeing delicate fabrics damage or allow colors to fade fast. The use of the wrong cleansing agent will just leave the clothes in a dirty and bad smelling state. The sad thing about the use of chemicals they look like they can clean the clothes. This is just right however, the effects on the user and the environment will create a large impact much later on. These Crystal Wash balls has two-fold action which is to deep clean and disinfect the clothes not matter how dirty it is. If using Crystal Wash not a great deal nothing is.

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