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    Works for both men and women, offers specific solution; recognizes the different needs of each sexes thus offers different solution, one for men and another one for women, solves hair regrowth issues, encourages thicker hair growth covering the entire scalp, specially formulated vitamin supplement specifically for hair growth, improves confidence and appearance, makes individuals look younger, Provillus offers money back guarantee

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    Separate hair solutions for each gender which can cause confusion for some, however, it cannot be denied that hair baldness pattern is different from one gender to the other which explains this, there is no one type of solution not even when the solution given is different from one gender to the other, product not available in stores but, only online,
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    The internet is a place where people can get all sorts of information like those seen for Provillus. However, not all Provillus reviews are the same. Some of these Provillus review are posted more of an advertisement for the product rather than simply a non-biased review about this hair re-growing solution. In the midst of all of these the best kind of review are those that allow people to make a decision on their own. What is Provillus and how can it help those who are suffering from severe loss of hair? From the Provillus reviews posted it is clear that this product offers not one but, two solutions. The first one is a solution applied on the scalp and the other one is a vitamin supplement to produce better and longer lasting effects. It is obvious how Provillus has thought of everything to cover all bases needed to encourage hair growth literally from the roots. It also helps that the Provillus ingredients are jam-packed with what users need. Say goodbye to alopecia or massive hair loss and say hello to thicker hair given time.

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    Provillus Reviews – Hair Regrowth Treatment at Home

    Provillus Reviews


    air loss is an issue that crosses the border over gender. Male pattern baldness is different than female pattern baldness. Not all people can look good with less hair. Some men for example will look good even bald however, not all men will look good doing so hence the need for Provillus for men. Suffice to say, that each gender has a different need depending on the severity of their condition. What are the common characteristics of female pattern baldness?

    • Genetics plays a role in it
    • Hair loss is more diffuse which means seldom cases of hair loss on the crown and frontal hairline area
    • Hormonal imbalance
    • Some women loss hair as early as in their 20s
    • Gradual process; takes years
    • Statistics reveal that 1 out of 4 women suffer from hair loss
    Scalp massage works both for dry or wet hair. As long as the hair is clean from any hair products

    There are common myths that causes women to worry which are considered to be unfounded like hair coloring and treatments using certain chemicals will not cause hair loss. The truth according to some Provillus review is that certain hair styles like those that pull the hair tight can cause hair loss and breakage. How about men who must deal with their male pattern baldness what do they need to know about this condition?

    • Related to genes and male sex hormones
    • Thinning takes place on the crown and hairline
    • Causes widespread shedding
    • Hair loss can be accompanied with itching and other forms of skin irritation
    • Skin biopsy or blood tests can be done to diagnose the specific disorder

    Each strand of hair sits in a cavity or tiny hole on the skin known as a follicle. Hair loss takes place because the follicle does not grow new hair. However, the follicles does not die but, is alive this simply means there is something that a sufferer can do to encourage hair growth. As for hair analysis as a counter measure this is just a diagnostic tool to see if there are nutritional or similar disorders. However, this is not totally reliable but, it cannot be denied that this can reveal can reveal substances such as arsenic or lead. Provillus5



    What is provillus? 

    To explain what Provillus is all about, it works this way. According to Provillus reviews from experts each individual whether men or women will get two kinds of solution. The first one is a scalp solution. This simply means this solution will be applied on the scalp using a massaging motion. By massaging the scalp this encourages faster absorption of the solution while at the same time massage allows proper blood circulation. Simply put, massage works.  Here are some steps on how to stimulate the scalp to encourage hair growth:

    • Scalp massage works both for dry or wet hair. As long as the hair is clean from any hair products
    • Gently comb the hair to remove tangles
    • Start massaging the Provillus solution to the scalp but, see to it to use only the fingertips. Avoid grazing the scalp with the nails. Cover all areas by moving fingertips in a circular motion
    • Massage scalp for at least three minutes or longer as needed. If there is a need to repeat this do so
    • Always use a soft bristle brush which can also double up as a tool to massage the scalp. Clean this brush when it is not in use

    To make massage work on the scalp do this once or twice a day depending on the severity of hair loss. For those who are suffering from skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema there is a need to discuss massage with the dermatologist since massage in this case will only cause these conditions to get worse instead of reliving the symptoms. There are other temporary solutions offered like hair weaving or wearing hairpieces just to disguise the absence of hair in some areas of the head however, these are basically as mentioned temporary solution. Hair transplants are more expensive and entails certain risks.

    Hair transplants according to Provillus review consists of removing tiny plugs of hair from certain areas of the body and transplants these in areas where balding is obvious. This can cause minor scarring and possibly in some cases can cause infection. There is also that issue where this very procedure requires multiple sessions which is basically that expensive. Other solutions offered by other manufacturers offers suturing hair pieces into the scalp. Again, this can cause scars, infection and abscesses on the scalp. Artificial fibers that make up these implants are banned by the FDA. The FDA findings reveal that there is a higher rate of infection with this method.

    Provillus ingredients 

    Provillus ingredients This product contains a clinically proven regrowth technology formula. One of the ingredients used for this product is a minoxidil. This is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to clinically help those who need hair re-growth. Minoxidil is a solution that will stop hair loss. Provillus review coming from users admit that this is the smartest choice to re-grow hair naturally. This treatment package specifically targets the hair follicle, scalp and hair shaft. This means this product allows active healthy options to fight hair loss. Since women has a different chemistry the percentage of Minoxidil is different for each one of these. For women the required Minoxidil is 3 percent and it is 5 percent for men.

    Provillus reviews reveal that this product is results oriented. This simply means that 100 percent of women agree that this product brings these changes:

    • Provillus has help to add volume to the hair
    • Strengthens hair which means less hair loss
    • Thicker and Fuller hair
    • Makes hair shinier and healthy
    • Gives hair volume

    By the way Provillus supplements contains magnesium. It is not a secret when men do not retain magnesium like they use when they were kids. This time, advance age and hair loss prompts them to start taking products that contains this specific ingredient. The key to get the benefits depicted on various Provillus reviews is to be consistent in taking this product. Some reviews coming from active users say that the effects shall be felt after a few months and in some cases after a year. Other ingredients aside from those mentioned earlier also includes the following:

    • Iron
    • Calcium
    • B6 Complex

    What does B6 do? Like the other complex B vitamins B6 works to convert food into fuel thus it energizes the body and ultimately the hair and scalp throughout the day. Vitamins works in tandem and has its specific benefits like in this case it promotes healthy hair. This vitamin offers protection against stress and cause of stress. There are actually different levels of stress that can push the hair to fall. There are even cases when because of stress the individual suddenly suffers from large clumps of hair loss. The bad news is that these are around several areas of the scalp. Here are some common habits that are sources of hair loss:

    • Stress especially those which are emotional in nature
    • In women, wearing hair too tight
    • Brushing hair when wet
    • Wrong diet and eating the wrong kind of foods

    Provillus ingredients

    Not all people are aware that when their hair is wet it is at its most delicate. Allow the hair to dry before brushing. If this cannot be avoided, use comb instead of wet hair instead of hair brush. Using a comb is gentler on the hair than using a hair brush. The common belief that brushing the hair 100 times can make it smooth is wrong because all that tugging can cause the hair to break. As for nutrients a diet not high enough in iron or protein can lead to hair loss according to doctors and nutritional experts. For those who like to go on a crash diet before they know it this can also cause massive hair fall.

    After all, the body and the follicles is not getting the nutrients that it needs. Taking excessive supplements can also result to hair fall as well. For example not a lot of people are aware of this that Vitamin A in abundant amounts can cause hair loss. This particular vitamin is taken by those who suffer from psoriasis and acne. The key is to eat foods that will contribute to balance diet. This will ensure that the body is getting what it needs. When the body is healthy, the skin is healthy as well and this covers the scalp as well. 

    Provillus side effects 

    Hair loss is normal and natural especially for those who are in their middle age. As the body losses the nutrients this causes the follicles to shrink and make the hair weak and eventually fall out. Some people are not as convince are about the efficiency of using Provillus. To be fair, some people might say on their Provillus review that they are not happy with their results however, if ask if this treatment is better than undergoing surgical procedures they would gladly admit this to be true. For those who are not as happy with the previous kit that they are using this company is offering a new kit. 

    Provillus side effects

    Provillus for men 

    Provillus for men What can men expect from this solution? Provillus for men is geared towards their specific needs as men. Provillus actually offers to reinvigorate the shrinking hair follicles by optimizing the regrowth cycle of the hair. This product promotes blood flow, nutrients and oxygen circulation.  If the number of women who suffer from hair loss is more than 30 million about twice this number of men suffer from the same condition. Men suffer from hair loss when they reach the age of 30 but, this becomes severe by the time they reach the age of 50. The aging process pushes the body to stop utilizing the nutrients that will help it to grow and thrive.

    Men suffer from loss of hormones in the body like testosterone, ceramides and melatonin. These are nutrients that the body needs to grow hair. Lack of these will stop the hair from growing which means this will fall out. The Minoxidil content from Provillus for men contain 5 percent of this ingredient. By the way this manufacturer is offering a new kit for men. This new package includes the following:

    • Provillus for men spray system is approve by the FDA
    • No mess and foam formula which means no waste
    • Faster results there is no need to wait for weeks
    • Better absorbent easier absorption by the scalp’s skin cells. This solution will reactivate even dormant follicles resulting to vibrant hair growth
    • Works for all hair types

    Instead of greasy foams that may tend to clog the follicles, this product offers an advanced solution that will not cause flakes or dandruff. Say goodbye to coarse and brittle hair.

    Provillus for women 

    Provillus for women According to Provillus reviews about 30 percent of women suffer from thinning hair and eventually to hair loss. When does women need a product like this one? By the age of 30, women will start to notice less hair volume and hair starts to thin out. By the age of 50, about 50 percent of women suffers from some form of hair loss. The reason for this problem is because the hair is robbed of nutrients that it needs. The follicles starts to thin out and shrink causing the hair to become finer, thinner and weak. This is why there is more hair fall out than ever. Hair loss is actually triggered by a multitude of conditions and situations like poor hair care, stress and climate. Even if some women might not be aware of this but, using too much hot water when washing the hair causes the hair to thin out.

    Before fighting hair loss here are some common signs that will reveal that alopecia or hair loss starts to creep in:

    • Scalp is clearly visible when looking at the mirror
    • Thinning and limp hair
    • Shower drain and hair brush reveals falling hair

    Provillus reviews welcome the arrival of the new kit for women. Women can now cleanse and condition with the revitalizing shampoo from this kit. This shampoo is infused with antioxidants and vitamins to help nourish the hair while soothing the scalp. It is no wonder that applying the shampoo alone will relax the user. The volumizing conditioner as implied adds volumes and shine to the hair. Women who are familiar with asking their hair spa specialist will recognize that adding body to the hair makes it appear more beautiful. Hair after all is a woman’s crowning glory. This is also the reason why whenever women are suffering from stressful situations what relaxes them is a visit to the spa or their favorite hairdresser in their local parlor.  After the cleansing and conditioning part comes the application of the hair regrowth treatment. Last, but not the least is the use of the Aplifying Lift Spray. This spray is special because it gives women instant access to fullness and volume because this spray repairs and protects their hair against breakage and damage.

    Provillus review

    Provillus review 

    The products for the scalp and hair is sulfate free. Even various Provillus reviews attest to this. According to those who are using this treatment package they experience quicker volumizing effect on their hair. Provillus for men users are glad about the fact that this product is scientifically formulated to provide long term benefits. Provillus review admits that this product can be used by either men or women no matter what hair types they may have. Provillus for men includes clinically proven ingredients that are approve by the FDA. This solution is offered for men of all ages and even through different types of hair. The following solutions are provided by Provillus for men:

    • Regrows the hair
    • Reverses the process of thinning hair to produce thicker and fuller strands
    • Revitalizes the scalp to encourage hair follicles to grow

    Provillus reviews admits that the results is different from one person to the other. Some of these reviews for Provillus says that this will stop the hair from falling but, in some cases will not encourage its growth. In such case, it is clear that the body reacts differently from one person to the other which explains this phenomenon. Provillus has managed to upgrade to the current century. Judging from the growing number of Provillus review it appears that this is an effective product for hair loss. It is important to understand the natural process of hair growth. For those who expect instant results they cannot expect this product to bring an instant miracle. To be fair, there is no false promises given for this product. 

    Does provillus work? 

    Does provillus work? With thousands of customers who are posting their respective Provillus review this product has a lot more to offer than those that are offered for similar benefits. Baldness is no respector of men. This simply means the same problem affects both men and women. The reasons for baldness varies. This time this product will work unlike some other products that are offered for the same purpose. Men are proud of their healthy hair because they equate hair with virility and youth. Women on the other hand trust their crowning glory to make them look young and beautiful. There is a saying that women are familiar with. When women have emotional issues or problems they usually go to the spa or the parlor and do something with their hair. What if this time there is less of this so called crowning glory? For women with the help of this product there is no need to panic. Provillus review coming from users refers to this supplement as their true source of hair growth.

    Provillus must be taken twice a day to effect change. Whether this is Provillus for men or for women. This is for the oral supplements. According to Provillus reviews the results will usually have an effect after two months or more in some severe cases. For more observable results especially for those who suffer from bad case of baldness they need to buy Provillus and take this for a year. By the way this solution is also available in the United Kingdom. Provillus UK are specifically for those who live in the UK. Get the million dollar solution secret to hair loss. This product is actually a must have better than those offered by so called luxurious spa because the solution has longer lasting effects. This product is specifically made to target each gender’s needs. This treatment addresses the issues from its root cause. Users are assured that they will get back their beautiful abundant hair once again. Of course, the result is different from one person to the other. 

    Provillus price 

    It is cheaper to buy this product for a 6 months’ supply instead of buying the pack for a months’ supply. This product can be bought online and not available in stores. Provillus review shares that the money back guarantee applies only for those who are purchasing the product from the official website. For those who are buying this product from other sources they cannot make these claims. The same principle works even for the Provillus UK website. By the way, for those who are ordering Provillus for men they can get the 2 Free Packages from the official website. This works even for the women version for this product. Ultra-Herbal is credited for this product. This company has years of experience in the field of selling supplements. This time they have come up with a product to help hair grow and help it stay this way. The company who sells this product takes pride in its discreet shipping and billing terms and conditions which also protects the privacy of their clients.

    Provillus price


    It does not matter at all if what type of hair users may have. Provillus reviews shares that no matter what hair color users may have or how thin their hair may be one thing is true, the use of this product thickens their hair. This product will work for everyone. As proof even these ratings for this product according to Provillus reviews from women alone reported these statistics:

    • This treatment was rated excellent or very good
    • All participants in the interview agreed that they experience thicker and fuller hair
    • 95 percent of these women agreed that they are more confident about their looks
    • 95 percent agreed that this product exceeded their expectation better than the brands that they use before
    • All of these participants will likely recommend the use of this product to either their friends or family

    Provillus prosThis product creates an environment that encourages new and healthy hair growth without the need for a surgery. This product offers a complete nutrition from its spray, scalp solution and supplement. Because of these powerful combinations dead hair follicles are brought to life. The package for this product contains supplements that can encourage healthy hair to grow and reproduce. Hair loss or hair shedding is cause by lack of nutrients like zinc and magnesium. There are even low blood supply or toxins that cause the hair not to grow normally.

    Just a bit of hair loss can be a cause of alarm however, when hair fall becomes greater than just a few strands of hair it becomes an issue. People who are beginning to suffer from this cannot be blame for being in panic. The good news is that since these products are FDA approve there is no need for prescriptions. This product has the capability of blocking DHT or better known as dihydrotestosterone which is one of the most common cause of hair loss. The ingredients of this product actually works beneath the scalp thus it encourages hair growth. 


    There are mixed Provillus reviews given for this product. People are different from each other, even men and women have different causes of hair pattern baldness. For example, not all hair loss product like Provillus for men can work for all men. The same thing can be said about Provillus for women. Suffice to say that some men or women will benefit from using this product and some will not or see only little results. This solution for the scalp cannot be used if there the individual has psoriasis or eczema. There are also cases when certain people might suffer from Provillus side effects like those who has these conditions or are taking certain medications. This is sometimes the compromise that some users need to make.

    Since each of the product is for a specific gender this means Provillus for men cannot be used by women and vice versa. There is also some restrictions on what kind of age can use this product. This treatment package is for those who are at least 18 years old. The same thing applies for both genders. For those who do not know the reason for their hair loss they cannot use this product. This is not for those whose scalp is red and irritated. The same thing can be said about those who feel pain on their scalp. In this case, taking other kinds of medication is the better option. 


    Provillus consEveryone loses hair at one point. Not because the parents are suffering from this same condition it does not mean that there is a need to suffer from the same fate. It is now time to stop covering signs of hair loss by doing something to cure this issue. Provillus for men is one of the most sought after product in the market at least for men who are suffering from hair loss. The truth is that, for those who are desperately seeking for a solution to hair loss issues they will not mind paying the Provillus price. The important thing for these people is to find an effective solution for their alopecia concerns and hopefully have this condition cured once and for all. Since hair loss is a continuous process there is a need to continually use these products. Otherwise the hair loss might return and the same nightmare takes place again. It is important not to wait until baldness happens there is still time to encourage dormant hair follicles to come to life again and produce abundant thick hair. When is it time to buy Provillus? The answer is right now while there are still remaining hair on the scalp. Do not wait when there are more hair falls on the pillow.

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