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Kollagen Intensiv keeps aging at bay, look younger glowing with pinkish skin, minimizes signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, lightens pigmentation, addresses sagging skin issues, brightens dull looking skin, improves skin texture and tone, safe and natural, competitive pricing, discount coupon offers, restore skin elasticity, properly hydrates skin so that there are no issues of dry skin, cost effective, no known side effects,

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Auto Shipment after the end of free trial, misleading ads, not for people who have sensitive skin, issues about low concentration of active ingredients which means there are few of anti-aging ingredients,
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Unlike other so called anti-ageing cream Kollagen Intensiv nourishes the skin from the cellular levels. What is Kollagen Intensiv? This is a solution that triggers the repairing and healing mechanism of the skin to reveal new and radiant looking young skin. Kollagen Intensiv reviews reveals that the ingredients used for this anti-ageing solution is clinically tested to ensure users safety. This is in line with the visiona and mission of this product. They aim to continuously develop skin care products that will benefit users. According to Kollagen Intensiv review the ingredients used for this product aims stimulating natural collagen production. This addresses the needs of women who are more than 35 years old. This product was created to fulfill the wishes of men and women who don’t want to look old before their time. This also addresses the issues about expensive surgical procedures. Thanks to Kollagen Intensiv because there is no need to spend more. Using this product removes the risk connected with surgery and such invasive procedures. This time the only thing that this product will invade is the skin to bring out its natural beauty.

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Kollagen Intensiv Reviews  – Anti-Ageing Cream 

Kollagen Intensiv reviews


his product is created for those who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for surgery and other invasive procedures this product offers a cheaper and non-invasive alternative. Read reviews to get to know this product better and see why users simply adore this anti-ageing cream as compared to the former product that they use. Here are some of the reasons given by survey respondents regarding this product:

  • Fills in Fine Lines
  • Decreases Crow’s Feet
  • Decreases Dark Circles around the eyes
  • Evens out Skin Tone
  • Transforms ordinary looking skin to radiant skin


What is kollagen intensive 

Kollagen Intensiv reviews reveals that Kollagen Intensiv is the best anti-aging collagen cream. After the body reaches the age of 35 the body begins to age and it shows. The first place where it can be seen visibly is the face. Aging will progress but, how about finding a solution to delay it? This is what Kollagen Intensiv has for those who are willing to give this product a try. Most people whether men or women wishes to see less signs of aging and would gladly listen to sound advice if there exists one. In this case, it is the various Kollagen Intensiv reviews that can convince these people that this product works as it says it does.

There are different reasons why this product works and these are elaborated this way:

  • This product contains NMF or Natural Moisturizing Factor which protects the skin and prevents it from drying out
  • Collagen offers protection against photo-aging which is cause by harmful rays of the sun. This is better known as UV or ultra-violet rays of the sun
  • Protects the skin against glycosylation. Glycosylation comes from the body as it produces energy from sugar. This way the youthful appearance of the skin is preserved.

What is kollagen intensive

Kollagen intensive ingredients 

Syn-Coll is said to be the active ingredient for this anti-ageing cream. Syn-Coll is a synthetic peptide and glycerin based solution specifically designed to stimulate the skin’s natural mechanism. Here are facts about Syn-Coll:

  • Encourages skin to produce collagen
  • Reduces appearance of wrinkles and other kinds of ageing lines
  • Syn-Coll is better than Pamitoyl Pentapeptide in many ways; has higher efficacy when tested and pitted against each other
  • Works better with retinol
  • The company who manufactures this product holds the patent for Syn-Coll
  • Twice a day application works better

There are actually other ingredients that make up this anti-ageing cream and they are:

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Shea Butter
  • Vitamin C
  • Retinol
  • Green Tea and Cucumber Extracts

Kollagen intensive ingredients Each of these ingredients work together to bring out younger looking skin for whoever uses Kollagen Intensiv. Hyaluronic Acid for instance according to Kollagen Intensiv review is a natural lubricator that promotes collagen formation. As people age the hyaluronic acid levels of the skin goes down. This is the cause of changes in the texture of the skin. This acid helps the skin preserve moisture so that it can retain its elasticity. Suffice to say that Hyaluronic prevents premature aging. In other words, this acid delays and slows down aging.

There are actually more than a dozen reasons why Shea Butter is being promoted as a good ingredient to find in an anti-ageing cream. Kollagen Intensiv reviews shares that Shea Butter is the skin’s best friend. This is no ordinary oil. Does Kollagen Intensiv work because of these Kollagen Intensiv ingredients? Actually there is so much more in Shea Butter than meets the eye because of these:

  • Reduces blemishes and wrinkles
  • Heals sunburn and small skin wounds
  • Repairs dry and rough skin
  • Promotes healthy looking skin
  • Treats skin allergies
  • Heals damage skin from heat like those that undergo radiation treatment

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant vitamin. This can help to drop the age from the face when use consistently. Kollagen Intensiv reviews hails this vitamin for being a super powerful anti-aging vitamin. Just as some of the ingredients found in this product, Vitamin C also helps to reduce wrinkles as well. Vitamin C acts:

  • Synthesizes collagen which is a key structural protein that makes up the skin. When Vitamin C is added to skin cells this dramatically synthesizes collagen
  • An antioxidant that can reduce skin damage cause by free radicals
  • Improves skin texture

Retinol addresses issues of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and even other skin blemishes such as photo aging. This simply means the skin looks older than it really is. Retinol will improve the skin so that it will not look old. Green tea can delay the signs of aging while cucumber is known to lighten the dark circles around the eyes. All of these validates and addresses the question is Kollagen Intensiv legit. The simple answer is that Kollagen Intensiv can do all these. Even Kollagen Intensiv reviews also validates this as well.

Kollagen intensive side effect 

What is Kollagen Intensiv and is it true that this product has side effects? According to Kollagen Intensiv reviews there is no known side effect of using this product because the manufacturer have ensured that each of the ingredients work to complement each other. Each of the ingredients are carefully measured so that there each will work together to avoid clashing and side effects. There are in fact other Kollagen Intensiv ingredients worth mentioning as well and these are:

  • Kollagen intensive side effect Glycerin
  • Tocopherol
  • Retinyl Palmitate
  • Magnesium Ascorbyl
  • Hydrolized Hibiscus
  • Esculentus Extract
  • Acetyl Hexapeptide
  • Avena Sativa ( Oat) Kernel Extract
  • Dipeptide-2 and Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline
  • Glycine Soja or Soybean Oil 

Does kollagen intensive work 

To ensure that this product will work, just follow these simple instructions:

  • Wash face using mild facial cleanser
  • Towel dry face, do this gently
  • Apply cream on the face
  • Wait until the cream is fully absorbed by the skin

Following these simple step by step instruction will transform the skin so that later on the wrinkles will not be make the skin look old. Dark spots will soon disappear according to Kollagen Intensiv reviews. The results will be visible after two months of consistent use. By the way, a bottle of Kollagen Intensiv is enough for a months’ use. See the different reviews given by users even on the official site for this product and be impress by the positive response coming from these satisfied users. 

Does kollagen intensive work

Where to buy kollagen intensive 

Where to Buy Kollagen Intensiv so that users can be assured that they get the real deal? To avoid Kollagen Intensiv scam buy from the official website for this product. Everyone can purchase this product from its official website for just $59.99 per bottle. Although consumers are advice to avail of the special offers to buy in bulk because of the discounted price. For those who order for 2 bottles they will get a 3rd bottle for free. For those who buy 3 bottles they will get 3 bottles free. This means consumers can look forward to saving as much as $179.90 from this great buy in bulk deal. This is good news for those who will avail of these offers. 


kollagen intensive Some people who are using this product for the very first time are surprise about the results of using the product. This product functions by accelerating collagen production. For those who have aging skin hearing collagen production is going full speed is a welcome news. Thanks to the efforts made by Pentapharm because they were able to come up with a product like this one. Pentapharm recommends first time user to use 1 to 3 percent of the secret ingredient Syn-Coll because this will assure that the skin will stay younger looking.

What can Kollagen Intensiv do because of this specific ingredients and the rest of the other minor ingredients?

There is also that guarantee that users will get their money back if this product fails their expectations. It is recommended though in some Kollagen Intensiv reviews to avoid going for the trial offer since this will automatically enroll users into the auto shipment program. 

kollagen intensive cons


It is important to pick a trustworthy source of an anti-ageing product like this. It is always wise to check out the expiration date as well. Nowadays, the only way to avoid falling for Kollagen Intensiv scam is to buy from a reliable source. This ensures product freshness and potency. Although it is a wise decision to save on cash by going for a less risky procedure to preserve the skin, it is never a good decision to simply go for a product without double checking facts. This is also the only way to avoid so called Kollagen Intensiv side effect. When it comes to some of the ingredients found in this product, expect the unexpected. This means not all people will respond well to the ingredients because of individual differences. To be fair, in the case of Vitamin C there are people who don’t respond to conventional Vitamin C found in anti-aging products however, in some cases, they do respond to derivatives of this product. Think of this as the cousin of the original Vitamin C in another state.


kollagen intensive prosKollagen Intensiv is taking the right route when it introduce Syn-Coll as its main active ingredient for what it can do on aging skin. There are new products launch and sold to people but, there are seldom like this one that works. However, as other products are joining the auto shipment option, this one did follow the example set by its colleagues. In order to avoid falling for this avoid signing up for the trial offer but, instead pay for the discounted packages instead. In the long run, this will bring positive results without the danger associated of enrolling out of ignorance in an auto ship program. There is something that this product can do and that is to remedy the issue about auto shipment and supposedly free trial offers. If it is about being a genuine company the makers of this product is legit as the other companies who sell similar products. The same thing cannot be said though about the trial offer previously mentioned. It is not worth it to succumb to the lure of paying just $4.95 for shipping charges when at the end of the offer the consumer is trapped into paying for a month’s supply of this product even if it is that effective. Poor ignorant consumers who dare fall into this enticing offer. In time, the manufacturer will realize the mistake of making such an offer and hopefully it is not too late or else all of the hard work will go to waste in creating a decent product like Kollagen Intensiv.

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