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Yes by Finishing Touch is a painless follicle hair removal, portable, convenient to use, uses Sensa-Light technology to instantly remove even thicker hair anywhere in the body, no need for plucking, waxing, shaving or even using lasers for hair removal whether on the armpit or any part of the body that has excess hair growth, can access specific parts of the body like the legs and armpits, good sales pitch marketing with the help of the name given to this product, comes with 60 day guarantee triple guarantee risk free trial, Deluxe model comes with rechargeable lithium battery and charger,

What We Disliked:

Little information about the company that makes it, not a lot of information given about their Deluxe model, in connection with ordering the Deluxe model this only resurfaces when customers learn that there exists one and so place an order for it by calling on the phone,
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In this case technology has served its purpose by introducing a product like Finishing Touch Yes. So named after the Eureka moment that most women say when they first learn of this product’s potential to exfoliate the body of unwanted hair. The process of hair removal with the help of Finishing Touch Yes Hair remover is simple. A Star Trek like light beams out of the apparatus to remove the hair as it follows the contours of the second layer of the skin known as epidermis. This Finishing Touch razor uses Sensa Light to begin the exfoliation. The good news especially for those who are finding it hard to control excessive hair growth is that this device is pain free. This is simply a high tech shaving device that offers all of the conveniences that a user asks for and looks for in such a shaving device. The product purchase comes with the Finishing Touch Hair remover device, USB wall charger, trimmer head, micro foil head, cleaning brush and carrying bag that serves as storage case at the same time.

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Finishing Touch Yes Reviews – Unwanted Hair Removal 

Finishing Touch Yes Reviews


o get to know what this product is all about, here are some descriptions coming from various Yes by Finishing Touch reviews :

  • Removes hair in an instant yet does this gently and safely even in the most sensitive parts of the skin such as armpits, legs and other intimate areas
  • Perfect for the bikini area and hard to reach places of the legs
  • Safe to use for all kinds of skin even at any color
  • Uses Micro-oscillation technology that sweeps away unwanted hair in just one single step
  • No pain or mild irritation cause by products that uses lasers or those that produces hot temperature like thermal hair removers
  • No bumps, cuts, nicks
  • Dermatologist approve
The best way to describe what is Finishing Touch Yes is simply through these experiences shared by those who have the opportunity to use this product

This is not all, it seems that whoever conceptualize this product has thought about every conveniences in the book. This hair remover from Yes Finishing Touch is lightweight, compact and best of all cordless. Yes by Finishing Touch makes use of this micro oscillation trimmer found under the smooth micro foil head sweeping away hair without pain nor irritation. The Sensa-Light according to Yes by Finishing Touch reviews automatically activates itself by safely removing hair without mess. In some of the selling sites where this product is offered they do have a question and answer portion like those found on Amazon where the most frequently asked questions that users and potential users have shall be answered. 


What is yes by finishing touch? 

The best way to describe what is Finishing Touch Yes is simply through these experiences shared by those who have the opportunity to use this product. For those who have started using this hair removing product they said that it works especially on the armpits, lip, face and legs. There are attachments that comes with the package that can be used specifically for the body parts previously mentioned. Just like other products sold out there, Yes Finishing Touch however are for those who are mature enough and should never be used in children.

Basically this product works this way, it is described as a razor with a blade because of the similar results when the product is used. Sensa-Light Technology is:

  • What is yes by finishing touch? Allows the hair to grow slower the next time
  • New hair growth is softer and finer hence easier to remove the next time around
  • The light serves like a flashlight or spotlight to know which part of the body has more hair that needs removing
  • Works on both light and coarse hair

This Finishing Hair removal tool works by shaving the hair until it grows back, if you are looking for a cream you might want to try revitol hair removal. There are cases though when the product is at its best when it is running for 30 minutes or less. According to the Finishing Touch Yes reviews in case in the future that it works less efficient the only way to make it work is by plugging it up while using it for longer periods of time. The 3.5 stars out of 5 stars given on Amazon for Finishing Touch Yes Hair Remover is a testament to its efficiency. Having seen what this device can do no one can blame these consumers from giving this product such a good score. Yes, it is not a perfect score, for starters it is a good score being given for a consumer product whom hundreds if not thousands of women from the world over have tried. For those of whom this technology has helped, all they can say is to sigh a breath of thanks that they were able to come across a product like this. 

Yes by finishing touch 

Yes by finishing touch Finishing Touch Yes reviews shares that this product is specifically for women and design for their needs to remove hair in all of the tender areas of the skin. Yes by Finishing Touch uses a micro foil head to remove the hair. To make the unit work all that users need to do is to press this on the skin to activate the unit. It is as simple as this. Finishing Touch Yes refers to how helpful the light is for not being able to loss some unwanted areas where hair grows the most. However, even Finishing Touch Yes reviews admits that for those who have trouble with their stubborn coarse hair leg hair they are better off buying a razor or shaver. By the way, the foil head part is to shave shorter hairs. The brush the goes with the pack is used to clean the blades.

There is an additional attachment that goes with this pack which is the normal shaver head. Best of all it comes with a charger and the good news is that charging is fast and quick. For concerns like loss of the charger, the standard cellphone charger can be used to charge this product. Finishing Touch Yes reviews shares that the cost for the standard Finishing Touch Hair remover is basically $39.99 plus $7.99 which goes to shipping and handling. For the Deluxe version of this hair removing device the cost is a bit higher at $60 plus shipping. To make sure that beauty is always in full bloom no matter what season it maybe give this product a try. 

Finishing touch hair remover

How to use the Yes by Finishing Touch? Here is some simple steps on how to do so:

  • Ensure that the unit is properly charged by at least 45 minutes or 1 hour
  • Uncover the shaver
  • Push the switch to the ON position
  • The touch sensor will turn on as soon as the blade head comes in touch with the specific body part
  • The unit will produce a buzzing sound
  • Works fast even on long and short hairs to make the specific body part hair free
  • Use the regular head for longer hairs and foil head for armpit hair

There will might cases when there will be stubble but, Yes Finishing Touch usually takes care of this with the other attachments for finer and smaller hair. The touch sensor is sensitive so when it touches any body part like the legs for instance this will lit right back and start buzzing again. Some of the tips given by users of Yes by Finishing Touch is to use the foil head straight up and down. The regular shaved head works best when used at 45 degrees angle. It also helps how the package comes with a kit that will keep all of the parts of this product intact and all in one place. It would be easier and convenient to reach out and use a specific attachment. Even if you are not after a full shave you can still use the Finishing Touch Yes to touch p your legs because this is how handy this device is. 

Finishing touch hair remover

Yes finishing touch 

Yes finishing touch For those who struggle with removing hair from the inside of the thighs and some hard to reach places, Yes Finishing Touch addresses this specific issue. This product helps those who are self-conscious about having hair remove for these areas. Those who were able to use this product swears by how Finishing Touch Yes can remove hair from face, legs and eyebrows. The best thing about using this product is that there are no painful episodes nor any issues with skin irritations whether it’s mild or not. Think of Finishing Touch Yes as the perfect package when it comes to addressing hair removal from any areas of the body.

It cannot be denied that there are some women who have issues about hirsutism or excessive hair especially on visible areas such as the face. What if it is time to swim? It becomes more apparent when hair on the legs stands out like dark stubbles. The same thing can be said about excessive hair on the upper lips that makes some women look like men. Most often than not traces of the process of hair removal can still be seen. Thanks to this product because even the smallest piece of hair can be remove. If hairs can only fight they would think of this product as their ultimate nemesis. However, to remain truthful, this works for face but, not for the stubborn longer hairs on the head or on the legs. If the hair found on the legs are fine this can work even for that area. It can do things but, it has its set of limitations as well. 

Yes by finishing touch reviews 

Yes by finishing touch reviews When it comes to certain parts used on this product, the Sensa-Light head is guaranteed to last for a year. Unless that the product is use more than what the average user does. If the Sensa-Light head shall be used for areas like the face, neck and abdomen it will last longer than a year. The same thing cannot be said when this product is used for larger body surface like arms and legs for instance. In such cases, it will only last for a year or less than a year. There are other benefits of shaving and they are:

  • Exfoliates the skin
  • Acts as micro dermabrasion
  • Encourages skin to produce collagen
  • Keeps wrinkles in check
  • Helps moisturizer and serum penetrate faster to the deeper layers of the skin
  • Keeps makeup look better on the skin because of the even skin tone

Using Finishing Touch Yes Hair Remover shall encourage beautiful skin to shine and stand out thanks to Idea Village who right now holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Yes by Finishing Touch claims to be able to help users avoid painful and smelly removal methods like those seen on waxing, laser treatment and even those that have undergone electrolysis. To avoid accidents it is not advisable to use this hair remover when in the shower and should be used dry meaning after showering and towel dried. 

Finishing touch hair removal 

In today’s society convenience calls for women to shave their faces. However, it carries some form of stigma. Even dermatologist recommends shaving the facial hair for the sake of beauty. Shaving according to Finishing Touch Yes reviews actually exfoliates the skin. This acts as a form of micro dermabrasion when done the right way and with the use of the right tools. It is at this stage that the skin produces collagen which is a compound that will keep these wrinkles at bay. Shaving will help moisturizers and serum get absorb into the surface of the skin. Thus, they do a better job. Because of the smoother texture that shaving leaves behind this can last longer.

Yes Finishing Touch is a great device to remove facial hair however, for greater amount of control. For those who want to use the smaller devices they will find that they have greater control over what gets shaven and what’s not. This is a full body hair remover made just for women. Safe and gentle to use even for the most sensitive skin. No more painful and or smelly hair removal methods. It is also so easy to position the device before using it so that it can cover all areas that needs shaving.

Sensa Light is an exciting technology designed to last even for a year or less depending how it was used. For those who are just using this product for the very first time it will take about 2.5 hours for the unit to charge. The unit needs to glide on the opposite direction where the hair is growing for best results. For shorter hair the use of the micro foil head is highly recommended. To make the unit last for a longer time it would be a good idea to turn it to OFF position. This will save its battery when not in use. 

Shaving history 

Shaving history Most of today’s women shaves to keep their skin looking smooth and beautiful. For some women who are curious if this is what other women in the past did read on. Shaving dates back to Ancient Egypt when it was common for women to use pumice stones as a method to remove excess hair. In a way, it was like exfoliating but, this time with the use of the said pumice stone. Nonetheless, it was an abrasive tool to use. Roman Empire period reveals that it is customary for the upper class to go hairless. It was also during this time when women use razors made from flints and stones to remove their excess hair.

Moving on to the 1500s, Finishing Touch Yes reviews shares how it could have been more convenient to use Finishing Touch Hair Remover than use arsenic and quicklime. It cannot be denied that these are severe and somewhat drastic measures just to remove hair from some areas of the body. It was during the 1900s when things were modernize. The same thing can be said about the introduction of the first razors. After that the rest they say is history because there are more modern methods that followed. Fast pace to the now, Yes Finishing Touch has made it easier for modern women to get rid of these nuisance. Who wants to look similar to a buffoon?

Now thanks to Finishing Touch Yes because there is no need to go through extreme and painful measures just to get rid of hair. This is by far more convenient than arsenic and less harmful as well. Of course, hair will grow back as it normally does but, thanks to Sensa- Light in most cases, the hair will slowly grow back. It does not go more convenient than this. This is the convenience that Finishing Touch Hair Removal gives to those who start using this product. Avoid following the Ancient ways because in this case it is not beneficial for users to do so. There is also that danger involved with it as well.

Common misconceptions about hair removal 

Common misconceptions about hair removal There are myths and there are myths. The same thing can be said about some of the most commonly believe hair removal myths. There is no truth in the belief that when the hair is shave it will grow thicker the next time around.  It would be better to exfoliate first before reaching out for Finishing Touch Hair remover. This is because exfoliating removes dead skin cells. These dead cells can block the Yes by Finishing Touch razor to do its job. This will ensure that there are no bumpy results while the hair removal device moves across the body. The fact is that by using Finishing Touch Yes this can have a long term effect as compared to the more expensive laser hair removal procedures. Some women avoid shaving their facial hair because it is thicker and darker when they shave. This is actually one of the misconceptions that hair will grow on a different direction.

The pain level for hair removal is the same for all women. This is fiction because some women have a different tolerance level as compared to other women. According to Finishing Touch Yes reviews this will actually depend on how thick the hair is and the type of skin. Here are some common myths about shaving:

  • Shaving causes hair to grow faster. The truth is that hair growth shall depend on different factors which generally depends on age, gender, body and time of the year
  • Shaving can cause the hair to re-grow darker. The color of the hair depends on the amount of pigment in it. A hair that is exposed to the sun will grow lighter in color
  • Shaving hair on an area which was previously unshaven will cause it to grow. Fact, is that the hair will grow based on hormones and genetic predisposition. This is subject to change over time

For those who wants to avoid irritating the skin it would be better to use moisturizer before using a product like Yes Finishing Touch. This applies only for those who have super dry skin. After the process of hair removal is finished it would be better to use body wash and rinse the body part. It would help to place ice over it to close the pores. Again. This applies only for those who have either dry or super sensitive skin. The following day it would be a good idea to apply creams with Vitamin C before using sunscreen. This will lower the risk of skin discoloration. 


ProsWhen about ready to use Yes Finishing Touch according to Finishing Touch Yes reviews it would be advisable to turn on the device and wait for its front LED lights to flash for a few seconds to signify that the unit is ready for use. Apply the Finishing Touch Hair removal device to the area where the user wishes ti remove hair from. It will begin working. It would be better to remove the device from the skin and it will simply stop after 6 seconds of inactivity. For those who are surprise about this, this does not mean that the device is broken it simply means it has stopped because it has done a good job out of removing unwanted hair from the chosen area.

Yes by Finishing Touch is strong enough especially for those areas that have so much hair. The hard to reach areas of the body shall benefit from Finishing Touch Yes. This device has contour design so that it can fit these hard to reach areas. It is not hard to do the treatment alone since there is no need to ask somebody to do the hair removing process. All that users need is a big mirror and let their sense of touch guide them through hairy spots. Since this device runs on rechargeable lithium ion, the user can complete every area before the battery runs out. Of course it would be easy to charge Yes Finishing Touch again to use for the body the next time. Some of the most common benefits of using this product that works in its favor are:

  • Easy to use
  • Offers good value
  • Allows the skin to go smooth
  • Reduces skin irritation unlike other similar products
  • Can be use every day especially for those women who have issues about abundant extra hair
  • Can be used even in sensitive areas of the body
  • Convenient to pack during travels
  • Offers dry shaving

Although there are some women who agree that Finishing Touch Yes is not close enough to the skin that some of them still see some stubbles even after using this product. Some women disagree with this and say that to make the device lie flat on the skin will cause skin irritation. Some users of Yes by Finishing Touch do agree that the light makes it easier for them to see the hair when it is being remove. This does allow the user to remove all the hair that her eyes can see thanks to this light. Again, some women do not simply appreciate this feature. Some users are glad for being given the chance of this easy to use device.   


Some of the Finishing Touch Yes reviews given by users say that the company who conceptualize this Finishing Touch razor has banked on the popularity of another product NoNo Pro that looks similar but, is more expensive and sold by a different company. Some of the Yes Finishing Touch reviews talks about Sensa Light technology being nothing more than a device that lights up every time the razor touches the skin and does nothing more than that. Aside from lighting up the area to be shaved it has no other purpose other than this. These users doubt that the Sensa Light technology can slow down the process of hair regrowth. The ads for Finishing Touch Yes places a large emphasis on this. Some of the Yes by Finishing Touch Hair removal reviews sums up their opinion about this product this way, it’s a tiny electric razor that lights up short of saying that it looks like a useless and expensive toy. 


Cons For those who is contemplating on purchasing Finishing Touch Yes Hair Remover it would be a good idea to check out the rest of the other Finishing Touch Yes reviews first as to make a good decision later on whether this device is one that can help removing unwanted hair or not. Simply put, the As Seen on TV claims for Finishing Touch Yes does not totally guarantee that this product will work for everyone. With the various Finishing Touch Yes reviews posted on the internet a pattern is emerging. That is the groups of women using the device and thinking about using it are divided. There is that group that believes in what Yes by Finishing Touch can do while there is still another group that does not believe thatthis product is that effective . It is clear that in order to test the validity of the testimonies given by these women, using the product is a must. It is also apparent that the reason why some women are impress with Yes Finishing Touch while others are not is because they do follow the instructions given on how to use this product efficiently. It would be hard to determine where this product failed by just simply reading the reviews given by those who used it.

The best way to know and separate fact from fiction is by giving it a try. With all of the conveniences that this product gives it is easy to see how some women have grown fond of their Finishing Touch Yes hair removing device. Who does not want the convenience of no painful hair removal? Thanks to Idea Village and its bright think tank team because women from around the world can now wear their mini dress or shorts. They can even flaunt their nice smooth legs. Yes by Finishing Touch has conveniently bring together everything that women are searching for which is a gentle device that can remove unsightly hair without the need to pay for an expensive treatment.  With such an attractive offer who can refuse to say yes?

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