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Bellaplex wrinkle reducer is dubbed as Fountain of youth, cost effective alternative as compared to surgeries or injections by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, promotes collagen production, anti-aging effect by helping the skin to fight visible signs of aging, made by an expert in the field of anti-aging line of products, instant plumping effect even on first use, smooths out skin and removes fine lines, evens out skin tone, vast improvement on texture of skin,

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Mixed Bellaplex reviews given by customers, some of these reviews is all praises about this product while some shout this is just a Bellaplex scam like those perpetuated by those who offer “trial” products out there.
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Proving that not all skin care products are created equal, Bellaplex has managed to help people fight against the damaging signs of aging. This product addresses these issues. The active ingredients that goes into each bottle of this product promises to go deep down the skin to change how each molecules react and thus reverse the aging process. Even Bellaplex review coming from some users agree that one of the most notable ingredients found on this product is its collagen content that duplicates the function of the skin. All of these are said to work on the skin so that the wrinkles will diminish in time. It is the hope of this product to transform the user and make her look younger.

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Bellaplex Reviews – Reduce Wrinkles Fast 

Bellaplex Reviews


rban Nutrition LLC which was established way back in March 2001 has make its presence felt that supported the demand for effective health care products. Their goal back then was to make this demand last throughout the years. Products made by Urban Nutrition LLC is under the helm of world-renowned Scientist, Physicist and Medical doctor Hans Nieper of Germany. His goal since then was “to help people from around the world to achieve their dreams for a better health”. Urban Nutritiion was a company who strives to collaborate with Dr. Nieper in producing products approved by the US FDA. These line of beauty and health products range from those used by pets and beauty skin care products for humans like this cream. This is Urban Nutrition’s contribution for the battle against aging.

Best alternative to expensive skin treatments

With all of the beauty serums offered by the thousands what makes a product stand out? What is Bellaplex? This is an anti-aging cream that contains three of the most popular anti-wrinkle peptides that produces immediate cosmetic plumping even if at first the effect might seems temporary the face will look fuller and softer. As in the case of Nano gold or any other skincare products, Bellaplex wrinkle reducer is for external use only. For some who have sensitive skin they might experience some form of tingling on the skin and some mild case of redness. It is advisable to use sunscreen of SPF15 or higher during the day while using this product. There is a need to avoid the delicate area surrounding the eyes while applying this cream.

Bellaplex takes away the years to make users look younger than they are now. The scientifically advance formula found in this cream is known for promoting new collagen production to make the skin look beautiful and radiant. Finally, an age defying moisturizer that actually works on the skin. It is advisable to avoid the eye area. This product is not for those who are under 18 years old though. According to Bellaplex reviews it is advisable to use this product day and night. Of course the skin must be cleanse and tone. Using the fingertips use gentle upward strokes, smooth over cleansed skin until it is fully absorbed. 


What is bellaplex? 

This product is hailed as Bellaplex wrinkle reducer because of its ability to diminish the appearance of fine lines on the skin. However, most users recommend using the product for at least two months to ensure that the results shall be as describe on the ads for this product. This product works on the skin by starting out as a moisturizer. However, there are other functions of using Bellaplex:

  • Best alternative to expensive skin treatments
  • Deeply hydrates the skin
  • Visibly reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Replenishes the skin
  • Contains all natural ingredients that are free from harsh chemicals
  • Considered to be safe and free from any known side effect
  • Tested by dermatologist to be effective
  • No need for painful injections
  • A good alternative to Botox

Bellaplex ReviewsBellaplex review reveals that this product is specifically design to encourage collagen production. It creates a buzzword in the industry and plays a huge role on keeping the skin firm and youthful looking. Saying that using it can turn back the hands of time is an exaggeration. However, the truth is that it slows down the effects of aging. Thus for those who were able to find it before the skin is damage they will likely see the skin recovering from the effects of time. The minds behind this product is trying its best to produce high quality products in this market. The general consensus according to users who were able to post their Bellaplex review says how this product has managed to change the way their skin appears. It does not work overnight and in an instant although some ads are stating this. Most of these users who post their Bellaplex review says that they see results in as early as a month. Of course, not all skin are created equal. The same thing can be said about how they react.

It is also no secret that there are things that users can do to make the product work better by drinking enough amount of water. The body is compose of 55 to 78 percent of water depending on the age, gender and body size. If there is not enough amount of water the body and the skin in particular will suffer from dehydration. The effects will clearly show on the skin. In this case prolong lack of water and sufficient rehydration this will take the form of wrinkles and fine lines. For older women the thirst center of the skin will not function properly for lack of sufficient hydration.

Here are some facts about water and its relationship with aging:

  • Water makes the skin soft by providing enough moisture on the skin
  • Effects of hydration on the skin will show in different ways like dryness, skin tightness and skin flakes
  • The ratio of water to skin will depend on this formula: body weight in pounds divided by 2 equals the number of water in ounces
  • Those who exercise frequently needs an additional amount of 8 oz. for every 20 minutes of exercise 

Bellaplex wrinkle reducer

Bellaplex wrinkle reducer 

Bellaplex reviews reveal how this cream offers something unique. The formula is specifically design to provide faster results thanks to its special Bellaplex ingredients. The skin immediately benefits from the hydrating effect of these ingredients. By stimulating collagen production it stimulates the production of collagen on the skin. Because this product supports collagen production it can easily reduce the appearance of visible wrinkles and fine lines. Bellaplex review reveals that it is specifically Matrixyl 3000 is the key ingredient on helping the skin achieve these results:

  • Decreases the appearance of wrinkle density on the skin
  • Decrease the volume of wrinkles
  • Decreases the depth of these fine lines and wrinkles
  • Gives the skin its plump appearance

No wonder why they label this as Bellaplex wrinkle reducer because it promises to do just that. Bellaplex contains fresh batch of collagen. This is the same powerful substance that is known for helping the skin look young and soft. Bellaplex review reveals how the ingredients found on this product can assist the body produce collagen. To avoid side effects it would be wiser for women who have sensitive skin should consult a physician. For those who are sensitive to sesame oil this may cause minor irritation or cause skin allergies. It is also important to consult a dermatologist first because there are cases when because of skin allergies the skin can swell or suffer from redness. 

Bellaplex ingredients

Bellaplex ingredients 

Bellaplex anti-aging cream contains these Bellaplex ingredients namely, Argireline, Hyaluronic Acid, Matrxyl 3000 and fresh collagen. According to Bellaplex reviews, the research scientist team who made this product has made each of the active ingredients according to the recommended dosage for each of these. There are cases when skin care manufacturers used only a small concentrate of these active ingredients. Results will vary depending on the condition of the users’ skin. Bellaplex wrinkle reducer also contains these other ingredients as well:

  • Sesame Seed Oil
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen
  • Carbomer
  • Palmitoyl Oligopeptide
  • Polysorbate 20
  • Aloe Vera
  • DMAE
  • Polowax Pastille
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Methylparaben
  • PPG-2 myristyl ether propionate
  • Propylparaben

Bellaplex anti-aging cream Acetyl hexapeptide 3 improves the skin when combined with amino acids addressing fine lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin to soften and make it supple. These are but, some of the benefits of using Bellaplex wrinkle reducer. Argireline delivers superior anti-wrinkle results. Bellaplex reviews reveal that amino acids are especially formulated to relax facial muscles to reduce the existing wrinkles on the face. Hyaluronic acid found in Bellaplex is unmatched because of its ability to retain water more effectively than other forms of natural substances.

Through the help of hyaluronic acid or HA the skin becomes soft and smooth thus the skin is able to fight back against facial wrinkles. Sesame oil has been dubbed as the queen of oil because of its healing ability. For common skin pathogens it is naturally antibacterial and antiviral. At the same time this oil is considered to be an anti-inflammatory agent. This specific oil according to Bellaplex reviews has its set of healing properties useful in unblocking arteries. Sesame oil is effective in treating severe chronic diseases. Sesame oil is used to treat skin cancer.

Bellaplex anti-aging cream 

Sesame oil found in Bellaplex wrinkle reducer regulates and slows down cell growth and replication. Since sesame oil contributes in healing, it heals the areas of the face that has some form of cuts, damage and cuts. Another worthwhile benefit of using sesame oil is that it helps to tighten the skin. However, there are other ingredients that work together for the greater good of people suffering from the effects of aging. This is just one of the ingredients that are found on this product. This is why it works as it does. Unto the presence of the four active ingredients of this product.

Argireline functions as a cocktail mix of amino acids that gives beauty skin care manufacturers the reason why they often use this specific ingredient. This anti-aging cream has Argireline to relax the wrinkles and stop the development of new ones. It is similar to Botox in the sense that this is not price as high as Botox. There is also that advantage of carrying no risks of toxins. Matrixyl 3000 is simply described as fibroblast stimulator. Fibroblasts are tiny cells that help to control the damage by producing collagen. Matrixyl 3000 reduces the appearance of wrinkle volume and depth.

It works by reducing the skin’s rough texture and slowly erases the appearance of wrinkles. Fresh collagen works on the skin by producing proteins that provides firmness and structure to the skin. Because of the presence of Hyaluronic acid this provides total hydration through water retention. This is what the skin needs especially aging ones. This is a substance that the skin needs to continually enjoy smoothness, suppleness and less facial wrinkles. 

Bellaplex anti-aging cream

Bellaplex free trial 

This wrinkle reducing cream is offered for a 7 day trial. Since this is just a taste of things to come, to be realistic about it new users must never expect too much out of the 7 days. If they want to see visible results. There is a slight drawback for those who want to avail of this free 7 day trial offer because this will require them to enroll on the auto ship program. In some other sites that post their experience with this product they share that they were offered a 30 day trial offer. Better check this out with the site to ensure that it is really 7 or 30 days. Even if this product has received its fair share of media attention having an offer that sounds tempting but, does not carry weight in the end will not make potential long term users continue to purchase this product. Unless of course, they were able to check out the reviews given for this product.

It is like being hit when least expected. This is a surprise that not a lot of people will likely go for. Who wants to be billed automatically every month in exchange for a product that they don’t know if they will use for the coming months to come. Since the trial period has a “catch” most potential long term users would rather choose to buy it directly to avoid this misleading advertisement. Some products out there that are no longer patronize or has lost its share of clientele are mostly those that are involved in auto ship programs like those for this product. 

Bellaplex scam 

Bellaplex free trial There are certain weaknesses of this product that makes other people think of this as a scam. According to Bellaplex reviews users who have sensitive skin must consult their dermatologist first before they can do anything about this problem. This product has been advertised as an age defying moisturizing solution that works. However, according to Bellaplex reviews there are still users who feel that this product is not really for them. Other users who posted their Bellaplex reviews says that they were taken in by the offer for free trial. However, at the end of the trial period they are surprise to know that they have unwittingly enrolled themselves on an auto ship program. Other than this they have no other issues against this product because they see improvements on their skin and in particular the wrinkles starts to disappear.

According to some people who post their Bellaplex review they are in doubt whether wrinkle reduction can prevent new ones from forming by using this product. When a lot of hype surrounds a product there is a tendency that others might view this as some form of scam. Consumers are aware that some companies do strategize by positioning themselves to be leaders in the anti-aging industry. However, consumers have also wise up to make well-informed decisions. It is tough to fight the effects bring forth by Father Time. Women from all over the world are trying their best to remain wrinkle free. 

Bellaplex Australia 

The progress from where the skin is and the changes on the skin speaks in favor of Bellaplex wrinkle reducer. Women who live in Australia will be glad to know that this product is available to them. Bellaplex review reveals that if getting a daily dose of collagen sounds like a good formula for youthful looking skin Australians will not mind the price for each bottle of this anti-aging cream. Who does not want to look young again? It is what this bottle has to offer for women who live in Australia. It is true that the cosmetic industry continuous to offer a wide range of wrinkle creams from different brands. This wrinkle reducer has make the process of selection that easy by giving women the choice to use a product worth its price. What does women in Australia look for in wrinkle reducing creams and moisturizers?

  • Wrinkle cream with ingredients that has the ability to protect the skin
  • Rich antioxidants to delay the aging process
  • Ability to renew the skin
  • Contains compounds rich in collagen stimulating properties
  • A cream that can improve the texture and appearance of skin
  • Offers long term anti-wrinkle fighting benefits
  • Hydrating agents that will produce firm and younger looking skin

Bellaplex reviews coming from women who want to defy aging and its effects this cream is a God send. What right minded women will not be glad to know that this cream offers their skin the nutrients that it needs to thrive and remain hydrated? It is no secret that proper skin hydration is essential in having young looking skin. Even at other at home treatments encourages you to apply the solution at least twice a day. The same thing can be said about this product. If there are times when applications are not consistent the skin texture will not change as quickly as it should. 

Bellaplex complaints

Bellaplex complaints 

Some of the complaints posted about Bellaplex has to do with how it causes some form of skin rashes. There are instances when users feel that their skin is feeling itchy. These are what others refer to as Bellaplex side effects. Some of the users did suggest not to take the free trial offer though to avoid being part of those who are posting their complaints about being given misleading information. One of the setbacks depicted on some of the Bellaplex review is that there are no clear directions as to how to apply this cream. The ingredients that goes into this product is not entirely unique since most of these can be found in other kinds of anti-aging wrinkle cream as well. It might also take some time for the changes on the skin begins to take effect. Here are other reasons for the complaints made by those who have started using this product:

  • Some of its ingredients like sesame oil can cause some allergic reaction for some users
  • Rarely but, in some cases can cause swelling and redness
  • There are some users who claim some form of mild skin irritations
  • Clearly not an ideal product to use for those who have sensitive skin
  • The manufacturer’s official website for Bellaplex list only 4 major ingredients and will not reveal the others unlike those found on other Bellaplex review sites
  • Available only in one size 


The lack of collagen can make the skin droop and go down thus wrinkles appear. As the skin age it becomes more and more important to moisturize the skin. Bellaplex wrinkle reducer has been hailed to make the skin look young looking and beautiful. For those women who wants to look ten years younger they can do so with the help of this product. Long term use will ensure that others will keep guessing on the actual age of women who use Bellaplex. Thanks to the active ingredients of this product because the skin is renewed as new skin cells grows to replace the old one. With more collagen the skin can literally bounce back and become as elastic as it was when it was young. According to users who posted their Bellaplex reviews this product contains a smart solution that:

  • Removes wrinkles
  • Erases dark spots especially the area surrounding the eyes
  • Slowly removes the traces of scars. For those who have freshly healed scars it is easier for this solution to work on these
  • Improves skin texture
  • Makes skin look radiant and bright

Do apply this solution over cleansed skin until it is fully absorbed. It is advisable to use this cream twice a day to see better and faster results. It is also recommended to cleanse the skin before applying the cream on it. It is also highly recommended to stop using Bellaplex cream if skin allergy and severe irritation starts to develop. What can women do to make Bellaplex work better on their skin? Here are some suggestions given by skin experts:

  • Avoid eating too much oily foods especially for those who have issues of having oily skin
  • Drink from 6 to 8 glasses of water to keep the skin properly hydrated
  • Keep the face clean
  • Protect the skin by avoiding too much sun exposure. If there is a need to be expose to the sun use a sunscreen protection to undo the damage cause by UV rays of the sun

Bellaplex wrinkle reducer works from the cellular level. It cleanses the skin from the signs of aging making it smooth. Keep in mind though that realistic expectations will avoid negative setbacks. With regards to what Botox is and why it was mentioned as similar to this product. Both Bellaplex and Botox works on the skin by preventing the appearance of wrinkles. In the case of Botox the effects covers a short period of time only whereas Bellaplex wrinkle reducer as defined reduces wrinkles possibly long term without the need for injections. How does this anti-aging cream works:

  • Reduces forehead lines
  • Reduces the appearance of crow’s feet
  • Works on under eye wrinkles
  • Works on wrinkles on the checks

It is in fact collagen that will give the skin its firmness and elasticity. Because of this product the skin will no longer have issues about diminishing supply of collagen and elastin. Spreading the solution on the skin usually boosts collagen and elastin levels by a large margin. The solution starts working on the outer layers of the skin working its way up to the deeper layers of the skin. Because of the powerful ingredients found on this product, it allows oxygen to be absorbed into the skin to produce that smoother texture.

Bellaplex pros


Several complaints, have been made regarding the difficulty of getting the cream out of the bottle. There are even tips given by users just to solve this minor issue.  There was even a point that the bottle needs to be place inside the refrigerator and bang hard before the air pump will let the solution flow. This should not be a problem for users because even if this looks like a minor issue, some users might be turn off with how it fails to work that they would not even give the product a try. On to more valid concerns, some Bellaplex review are concern about the auto order scam. There are several of these Bellaplex complaints that it can be a cause of alarm for would be users. Anyone reading the various reviews posted on the internet will see how this scam offers stems from supposedly Bellaplex free trial. This product is only offered in one size only so for those who would want to use more they need to buy more bottles. 


Bellaplex complaints consBellaplex review discusses the efforts of the company behind this product to recapture the interest of consumers who were dismayed with the auto shipment issues. They even offer money back guarantee just to reassure their customers that this product is that effective. There is not a lot of issues given regarding this wrinkle reducer because most customers are satisfied with the results. Some who are not easily please are those that are looking for unrealistic instant results that still believe that there are products that can make aging skin bounce back faster but, these are unrealistic expectations. The truth is that products like will work give it ample time to do so.

No matter how products like Bellaplex Australi tout its product to be one of the best in this skin care industry it all boils down to consistency. The internet is teeming with all kinds of beauty creams and those that offer anti-aging solutions. However, most of the claims made by those who sell products will say anything just to sell what they have to offer. Having unsubstantiated claims posted on various sites might be a bad idea for Bellaplex in the long run. With more of negative Bellaplex reviews instead of good it is hard to make people believe that it works as it says it does. There is also a question about how this product can copy collagen to benefit the skin especially one that is at its early stages of aging. Showing that this product can do this will be a good addition that can help others appreciate what it can do to those fine lines and wrinkles.

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