Addium Review – Cerebral Enhancer: Supplements to Boost Brain Performance

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    Allows user to be smart by increasing brain power, provides users that extra punch and zest that lasts at least 6 hours, improves mental focus and concentration, improves memory, encourages efficiency, supports most of the brains main function, safer than energy drinks since taking this supplement makes users feel like drinking two cups of expresso without the after effects of caffeine, safe for long term use, no jitters, no harmful side effects, offers 30 day money back guarantee,

    What We Disliked:

    Other sellers charge a higher price than the rest. Not advisable to buy Addium from other sources than the seller from its official site to ensure not spending more than the standard price offered for this supplement, question regarding is Addium legit? There is also that unanswered question regarding the amount of each ingredients found on each capsule and just how much is enough for the body and the brain.
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    Over the past few years brain enhancers or nootropic supplements have become a very hot commodity as far as the supplements community is concern. Addium has entered the picture in response to this very need. This supplement is touted for being able to support the brains’ main functions. As the body ages, most of its organs degenerate. Nobody wants to become senile in old age. How does one resolve this issue and find a solution? The best way to test does Addium work is simply by giving it a try. Long term users shared on their Addium review that it works and is effective when used daily. It is the Addium ingredients that are responsible for these results. This product was developed for these purposes:
    • Increases energy by providing 6 hours of continued untiring burst of energy without the need for caffeine
    • Avoid distractions better because this product encourages focus
    • Increases brain power thanks to this smart supplement
    For those who desire to have better mental focus and clarity. Most of the issues that will determine whether there will be Addium side effects or not lies entirely on how much of the right supplement the body needs. What is Addium? This is a proven scientifically develop supplement that is geared especially for the brain to enhance its other functions. This supplement offers users the chance to have a healthier edge because the brain is empowered. Who does not want to have control over the mind especially during old age?

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    Addium Review – Cerebral Enhancer: Supplements to Boost Brain Performance 

    Addium Review


    ade of high quality ingredients, Addium is packed with high quality Addium ingredients that are geared towards achieving brain power. The results however vary from one individual to the next. It is not surprising if at one point, a user feels an extra jolt of energy while another one experiences an increase but, not as magnanimous as the first one. Still, there are those that swear that they feel some Addium side effects. Later on these group of individuals shared on their Addium review how they feel some slight redness right after using the pill. With time however, the body adjusts to these side effect. By that time, it is no longer a cause for worry since some people do react in a certain way to some of the ingredients found on a supplement like this one.

    Addium reviews refer to this product as one of the complex yet effective brain enhancing product.

    After getting to know what this supplement is, one of the common concerns about Addium is does it work? The truth is that the developer of this supplement was able to simplify a very complex and effective brain enhancing product. The only way to evaluate benefits versus results is to test this product. Some would-be users are asking is Addium legit? No one can blame users from asking this one dollar question. When people are convinced that a product works, is legit and is effective based on reviews given about it, those who are interested will give it a try. Nothing convinces people than genuine results. 


    What is addium ? 

    Addium reviews refer to this product as one of the complex yet effective brain enhancing product. It only takes a couple of minutes to see the effects of using this product before the user can see the difference in their energy levels. It takes about 6 hours before the results starts to wear off. It is advisable though to take this during the hours when it is needed. Most of the users say that the result will caught anyone who consumes this supplement by surprise. For those who were able to use and re-use this supplement, they know where to get that this product will give them

    • Daily dose of caffeine like energy without the need for real caffeine and it’s after effects
    • No sudden energy crashes
    • No jittery or sluggish effects
    • Perfect alternative to caffeine

    What is addium ? This product according to Addium reviews has been dubbed with different names. Some of the names given is cerebral accelerator and brain boosters. For people who are fearful of suffering from issues like having multiple sclerosis or fearing that their life is over taking these brain booster supplements is the best alternative. No one can blame those who suffer from this condition because multiple sclerosis weakens the limbs and causes the body to feel fatigue even with little energy exertion. For some having this condition is like cutting their working life in half. A cup of coffee might help however, it cannot be denied that taking a supplement like this one can do wonders by providing that extra energy and spark that the brain and body needs. According to Addium reviews the simplest description of what this supplement can do is to become a younger version of one’s self after a good night’s rest.

    Obviously these benefit is what most people are looking for especially for those who lead hectic lives and finding it hard to cope up. If there is a Viagra for the brain this is it. Some people who use it also give it another amusing name: mind steroids. This aptly describes what this ingredient does to the brain. For users who have benefited from using this supplement they are glad that they were able to come across this scientifically engineered stack of nootropics because their life has never been the same again thanks to this supplement.

    Addium ingredients 

    L-Tyrosine found in this product is an amino acid produce by the body. Learn to be in control and handle stress because of this amino acid. The body when it lacks sleep and is under stress cannot produce this in the right quantity. According to information about Tyrosine for those whose body cannot produce this amino acid they need to supplement. Such is what Addium has in the right quantities. In fact Addium side effects can be avoided if only users take time to read more and study what each ingredient is for. What can L-Tyrosine do?

    • Prevents users from feeling burn out
    • Promotes smooth brain functioning
    • Maintains healthy mood
    • Increase self-confidence
    • Allows body to fight fatigue
    • Resilience to stress
    • Reduces blood pressure
    • Get better workout
    • Plays a role in producing thyroid hormones T3 and T4

    However, there are warning of side effects of having too much Tyrosine since an excess of this can cause restlessness, anxiety and insomnia. Low thyroid levels are associated with poor memory. For those who don’t have enough L-Tyrosine they will notice that they are subject to pits of depression and decrease libido. GABA is a shortened version of gamma aminobutyric acid. This acts as the brain’s chemical messenger. What does this amino acid do to the body?

    • Essential to normal functioning of the body
    • Controls fear and anxiety
    • Reduces the neurons activities in the brain by binding it
    • Increases growth hormone secretion
    • Maintains levels of blood glucose
    • Reduces chronic arthritis and back pain

    Bacopa Monnieri might sound like an exotic name however, in Ayuverdic medicine this herb has been used for different reasons. There are different names give to this perennial creeping herb. Countries where this herb can be found are on opposite sides of the globe like India, Australia, Africa, Asia, North and South America. There was a time when this herb was used to treat tumors, leprosy and anemia. However, here are the general benefits of using this herb

    What is addium ?

    • Combats stress
    • Encourages good memory
    • Supports the brain
    • Promotes liver health
    • Encourages normal blood pressure
    • Strong Antioxidant

    Alpha GPC is considered as the new choline that enhances the brains cognitive properties in the young, middle aged and elderly. This means each of this age group will benefit from using a supplement that contains Alpha GPC. What does this nutrient do?

    • Repairs brain cell membranes
    • Improves immediate recall and mood
    • Protects the cell membranes
    • Supports total brain function
    • Helps the brain to fight off degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease, brain injuries and stroke

    Vinpocetine is an extract from the periwinkle plant that has been planted in gardens for hundreds of years now. However, this plant has more than what meets the eye, it is actually the seeds that is the source for vincpocetine. Its functions is compared to vincamine because of the same functions that it gives to users who consumes a supplement that has this specific ingredient. Here are the other uses for vinpocetine:

    • Powerful memory enhancer
    • Improves blood flow to the brain
    • Enhances athletes performance by increasing brain oxygenation
    • Increases brain cell energy
    • Improves hearing and visual function
    • Improves cardiac function

    It is said that taking the right amount of vinpocetine should be maintained at a higher level. However, the right dosage is about 40 mg per day. This is a fine example of supplements that should be taken in the right dosage. Taking less or more than what the body needs will defeat the purpose for which it was intended for. Data shows that it is highly recommended to maintain taking this even for a long term period of time. In fact, the brain will benefit from this specific ingredient.

    Huperzine A has been credited for being capable of treating those who have Alzheimer’s disease. However, its main function is to prevent memory loss and improve cognitive function. Here are the other benefits of using a supplement that has Huperzine A like Addium.

    • Improves levels of neurotransmitters in the brain
    • Protects nerve cells in the brains
    • Cholinesterase inhibitor
    • Used to treat rheumatism and colds
    • Helps to treat schizophrenia
    • Slows down the effects of disease

    Huperzine A is accredited for being a natural memory enhancer. Studies proves that using this supplement showed an improvement for those who have Alzheimer’s disease. Even middle school kids in China were able to improve their memory issues by using Huperzine A. Experts who recognize the effect of using this supplement on treating similar medical conditions continuous to research on what combinations to make to produce potential cures for more cases. In this case, Addium was able to combine all of the ingredients needed to help the brain recover from the detrimental effects of aging and sickness. 

    Does addium work?

    Does addium work? 

    Addium reviews reveal that some users believe that Addium will put nootropics and smart drugs on the map again. This unwavering belief at what this product can do is what makes this bigger than detox and cleansing supplements. Each man or woman for that matter has a brain and everyone who wants to optimize using it at any age will definitely look for a product like this. No matter how some users vouch for this product some Addium review are half convince about what this brain enhancing product can do. What is this supplement capable of doing?

    • Boost Brain Power
    • Extends energy level
    • Encourages focus and mental clarity

    This supplement is for those who are finding it hard to do simple everyday tasks such as remembering what to buy in the groceries or where valuables are specifically stored. This is also for those who forget dates and appointments. Want to stop the mind from wandering? Aside from the ingredients mentioned above there are other lists of ingredients that contribute to make this product work better than other nootropics offered in the market and these are:

    • Vitamin B3 Niacin
    • Vitamin B6
    • Caffeine
    • L-Theanine

    Does addium work?

    Addium reviews shares that Niacin or Vitamin B3 has been hailed as one of the world’s healthiest food. There are common foods where people generally eat but, seldom realize to be good sources of this vitamin like these food found on this list

    • Beef
    • Brown Rice
    • Cantaloupe
    • Chicken
    • Lamb
    • Peanuts
    • Salmon
    • Sardines
    • Shrimp
    • Tuna
    • Turkey

    One can simply search online for the nutrient rating chart to see just how much servings of these food the body needs on a daily basis. Vitamin B3 contributes to energy production and is a rich source of antioxidants. This is something that diabetics must never missed out on their diets. For those who are searching for the right brain food these are obviously not just simply the average food that one eats. Niacin or Vitamin B3 is stored in the muscles and liver which is the source of energy for the body and for the brain.

    Vitamin B6 is a water soluble vitamin that is found in different forms of food. This vitamin helps to prevent and treats pyridoxine deficiency. For those who lack this specific vitamin they will suffer from being anemic. This is also referred to as pyridoxine. The rich sources of food for this particular vitamins are:

    • Beans
    • Liver
    • Eggs
    • Meat
    • Vegetables

    Aside from being the source of brain power there are other uses for Vitamin B6 and they are:

    • Treat heart disease
    • Lowers cholesterol level
    • Reduces blood levels of homocysteine
    • Helps de-clog arteries
    • Alternative treatment for pyridoxine
    • Treats a host of other diseases like diabetes, nerve pain, migraine, allergies
    • Prevents macular degeneration of the eye which is an age related condition
    • Helps people remember dreams and creative thinking

    Does addium work?

    Caffeine found on Addium is not like the caffeine found in coffee in the sense that it does away with the negative side effects of taking more than 5 cups a day. The truth according to Addium review is that caffeine improves mental alertness. This is used and combined with other ingredients to produce aspirin and other forms of painkillers. It is also combined with other stuff to treat migraines and similar issues with headaches. Just how much of caffeine is enough for the body? When taken in as beverage healthy adults can take up to 400 milligrams of this energy enhancing stuff per day. Here are some of the most common sources of caffeine:

    • Chocolate
    • Coffee
    • Cocoa Beans
    • Kola nuts
    • Tea leaves

    According to Addium reviews, caffeine passes though the brain quickly because it does not collect in the bloodstream. After several hours of taking caffeine, after a few hours it leaves the body through the urine. For those who are concern about what is generally considered to be an excess of caffeine. According to the FDA, taking from 4 to 7 cups a day is too much. This simply means it is still safe to take less than this amount which is 3 cups and below per day. Addium review reveals these uses for caffeine:

    • Central nervous system stimulant makes drinkers alert
    • Treats drowsiness and fatigue
    • Combined with antihistamine to overcome the drowsiness caused by histamine
    • Diuretic which simply means that it helps the body get rid of fluids
    • Excites the brain and nervous system
    • Add-ons for over the counter pills and cold medications

    L-Theanine is recognize to be a GRAS or a generally recognized as safe supplement. Still there are other ingredients found on Addium like L-Theanine. This is generally consume in tea form which is a popular drink. This is use to make broths. This is sourced from a tree that grows over 9 m. in height. Its white and fragrant blossoms appear singly or in clusters. For those who are curious what L-Theanine is used for:

    • Direct effect on brain activity
    • Relieves stress by inducing a relaxing and calming effect
    • Improves the quality of sleep
    • Prevents cancer
    • Protects the cardiovascular system
    • Prevents further damage cause by high levels of cholesterol 

    Does addium work?

    Addium scam 

    Addium scam Some people who post their Addium reviews does not really refer to what this supplement cannot do but, just use the word scam to drive the interest of people who come across reading what they have written. At the end of their review there is no case of scam at all. This is considered normal and was used again and again by other enterprising affiliates even on such social media sites like Facebook, YouTube or even Twitter. Looking closely at the prices given for each of the package offered for this product users can choose from 1 month supply and paying for a 30 day supply at $39.95. For those who want to save more they can avail of the cheaper 2 month supply for only $64.95. Still, bigger discounts await those who order for a 3 month supply at $89.95. For all of these options an additional $4.95 shall be charge for the shipping and handling. There are no offers given for auto shipment. For some people who were duped when they fall for such offers, this is a refreshing change because it does not force consumers to be subjected to these auto shipment offers. This supplement is for those who at times feel like they feel as if they are just going through the motions but, they are really finding it hard to focus on anything. This supplement is for those who feel drain and can consider that their energy levels are nearly dropping to zero. This is for those who want to get fresh wind of energy. 

    Addium reviews 

    Addium reviews Everyone can get a kick out of drinking coffee when they wake up in the morning. Their blood starts to pump when they do a set of exercises however, the energy supply runs out to do all of these. Thanks to Addium users can now afford to do what they need to do the rest of the day without running out of steam while doing so. No less than the medical community is shocked by the results from this supplement. The benefits given about this product has been given and it seems that these are barely touching what the real function of what this supplement is all about.

    After all of the wonderful reviews given for this product where does this supplement go from here? Addium reviews sing high praises for this supplement. This supplement is categorize under all natural nootropic supplement specially formulated to improve the brains function. In particular, this supplement improves certain neurotransmitters as it stimulates its receptors. Both of these important parts of the brain deals with learning and memory processes. Users admit that there are times when their attentiveness and level of alertness begins to grow. Furthermore, this supplement is capable of improving the density of glutamate and cholinergic receptors which are the brain’s storage and seat of studying. 

    Is addium legit? 

    For some people who might contemplate about whether there are Addium side effects , the results reveals more than words can say. Some people might even compare Addium to other brain stimulant products out there. The Addium review given by various users do validate that there is no truth in claims of Addium scam. Using the word scam is a big word and covers a lot of different connotations. Some people might say that they suffer from Addium side effects while others do not have this same reaction. It all boils down to how each body reacts to the specific ingredients found on this supplement. The mixed reviews given about this product .

    Is addium legit?



    Addium review coming from experts refer to this supplement as Nootropics but, what does nootropic means? Basically the simplest explanation given is that these belong to functional food that endows the brain with the following gifts:

    • Cognitive boosting substance that has low toxicity so that it is safe for long term use
    • Improves brain functions without the negative effects associated with it
    • Made from herbs and all natural sources
    • Increases attention span especially for those who are studying
    • Smart drugs from natural source

    Is addium legit? It is clear that Nootropics to which this supplement falls under will not transform its user to become geniuses or have higher IQ. Addium review reveals this truth about what this supplement is all about. Nootropics supplies the brain with more oxygen, nutrients and glucose. These are the energy source that the brain draws its supply from. This is why students love using nootropics because taking these supplements will give help them remember what they have reviewed. Memory recall is important not just for written but, for verbal examinations as well.

    Nootropics like this can preserve the neurons and protect it as well. Simply put, this supplement is capable of slowing down the brain’s aging process. The other functions that users can get from this product is that it counters the development of disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. However, each nootropics has its own properties to be proud of. This simply means even in the presence of different kinds of nootropics there are always those that is a cut above the rest. The standards are simply raise during the production of the supplements. The results are felt by the users since it is better than what similar product manufacturers can come up with. 


    Some Addium reviews coming from potential users are asking if just how much of each ingredients no matter how effective they are brings in the results describe by those who posts their respective Addium review. Simply put, it is the dosage that most would-be users are concerned about because too little or too much both has an effect on the body. Although the ingredients seen on Addium are popular among brain enhancing supplements and yet these ingredients are not without its fair share of controversy. There are even claims about falling for a form of Addium scam where users will not get what they expect. Some people might even see comments about Addium side effects. To be fair, the only way to determine whether it works is by taking it. There are times when these are offered as samples to give potential consumers the idea of what it can do. 


    Conclusion Addium review coming from users have all praises for this cerebral enhancing supplement. This supplement allows the brain fresh burst of energy even for hours to no end. With scientific studies to back this up, there is simply no way to go but up for this product for the brain. By the way this is a cheaper option instead of undergoing other alternatives such as those offered by stem cells replacement therapy. New products are constantly being produce and release each one making claims and promises for better health and better brain power. Left and right there are smart supplements that are beginning to pop up just about anywhere. It is really that difficult for the average guy to find the right kind of supplement for the sole purpose of achieving total brain power.

    However, Addium reviews shates how this products stands out from the rest because of what it can bring to the table. Looking for a cognitive enhancing product that will restore total brain power? Addium provides all of these and much more. No wonder some people refer to this supplement as their very version of what they think is the limitless pill. The amazing bursts of energy and an overall feeling of total sense of well-being proves that there are more than meets this eye for this supplement. To be truthful about it, there are highs and lows for this product however, the positive results overtake the good making this product one of the best empowering supplement for the brain. The Addium reviews given by different users continuous to validate this. With such raving Addium review given about this product there is nothing to do but, to give it a try. Allow the brain to unlock its full potential, Addium can do that. It feels like the brain has finally awaken from its stupor and the cobwebs are drawn away.

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